Starfield Unity: Pilgrim’s Computer Answers & Where to Find Them

In Starfield, players will have to answer questions on the Pilgrim’s Computer during the Unity quest in order to unlock a door.

starfield pilgrims computer

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During your pursuit of the true meaning of The Unity, Starfield players will head to Indum II in search of a mysterious theological character known only as The Pilgrim. But while looking for answers to the secrets of the universe, you’ll need to stop and look for clues to open the locked door at Pilgrim’s Rest.

This door can’t be opened with Digipicks as it requires a computer. And while the computer is directly next to the door, it’s going to take some searching around to find a way to open it. Here is what we know about Pilgrim’s Rest and how you can open its locked door.

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Pilgrim’s Writings & How to Find the Answers

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There are five books lying around Pilgrim’s Rest that record some of The Pilgrim’s time in this universe. You’ll need to locate and read them to find the answers to the computer’s questionnaire.

These are quite easy to find as they are red books that stand out amongst the clutter, and Pilgrim’s Rest is a pretty small POI. In fact, if you walk close enough to one, it will light up with an icon above it. But for those who just want the answers to the questions, keep on reading.

Pilgrim’s Computer Question Answers

Question 1

starfield pilgrim question 1
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The first of the Pilgrim’s questions asks the player to ask the right question. Of course, you should already know this answer without having read any books. You are looking for “What is the Unity?

Question 2

starfield pilgrim question 2
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The computer then answers your question with a question, asking what is the burden of people. And if you read Pilgrim’s Writing 3, you’ll know the answer is “People are necessary. But people are madness.

Question 3

starfield pilgrim question 3
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A question as old as time. The Pilgrim’s third question asks who your most formidable opponent is, and the answer is found in Pilgrim’s Writing 4. Of course, your most formidable opponent is “Myself“.

Question 4

Starfield pilgrim question 4
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The fourth and final question asks players where enduring contentment comes from. And if you read Pilgrim’s Writing 5 you’ll know that enduring contentment comes from stopping and in embracing compassion.