Starfield: Who Is The Mysterious Captain?

Starfield’s Mysterious Captain is a character shrouded in mystery. Learn how to meet her, unlock her unique store as a Starborn, and discover the secrets of this intriguing encounter.

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Starfield’s ever-expanding and beautiful world is filled with characters that are there to spice up your journey. While some characters are recurring and a big part of the story, some are rare to encounter and shrouded in mystery. One such character is the Mysterious Captain, whom you will randomly meet while traversing in your spaceship.

Much like the Grandma in Starfield, Mysterious Captain is a random encounter. If you are on the first run of the game and you are fortunate enough to meet her, she will seem secretive, and it will feel like she is watching your every step. Interacting with her leads to a short conversation, eventually telling you to be careful before disappearing.

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Where & How to Meet Mysterious Captain in Starfield

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Once you start New Game Plus in Starfield, everyone from the universe will forget about you except a few characters. This time around, you’ll be born as a Starborn, and this is where you’ll get to find out more about the Mysterious Captain. Whenever you do meet her, she’ll tell you that she is a Starborn as well, but this time around, she won’t disappear. Instead, she will offer you many items you won’t find anywhere else. She will reveal that she got tired of space traveling and eventually decided to set up a store.

Mysterious Captain store is only available to Starborns, which means this event will not occur until you are one. Furthermore, the items in her stock will change each time you encounter her, so it’s recommended not to miss out on them.

If you need to learn how to become a Starborn in Starfield, you need to pass through the Unity in the center of the galaxy. Once you pass through Unity, you’ll enter New System, and your progress will reset. However, once you become Starborn, your attributes will improve, and you’ll be much stronger.