Steam Visual Novel Fest 2023 – How to Claim All Stickers

The Steam Visual Novel Fest allows players to collect free stickers for limited time, here’s how to get all 7.

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Steam is a fantastic place to be involved as a gamer – not only does the program hold all your games, but players can decorate their profiles to look any way they wish. With each Steam game bought, points are earned, which can be spent on avatars, icons, backgrounds, emojis, and more.

It isn’t often that players get these for free unless they are rewarded to them for completing a challenge in a video game they have on Steam. For a limited time, Steam is offering some Visual Novel Fest stickers for free, and they are pretty easy to get – here’s how to get all 7.

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How To Get All 7 Steam Stickers In Visual Novel Fest 2023

Steam Rewards
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When opening Steam, players will see an advertisement pop up discussing the Visual Novel Fest 2023, once clicking on it, users will be redirected to the page above. The page will display many of the games that are visual novels games, such as The Walking Dead, which has many video games and graphic novels out in the world.

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This page will show a block that states, “Claim your free daily reward all sale long!” Right below this will be a button that allows players to click it and get a free reward. After it is redeemed for that day, it will begin a 24-hour countdown to when the next sticker can be available.

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In order to claim all 7, users will have to load onto the platform each day and navigate to this page and claim the sticker. However, once the special sale runs out, gamers won’t be able to get these stickers anymore, so be sure to claim them while you can.