Stelle or Caelus? Who To Select in Honkai Star Rail

The first of many choices.

List of all characters in Honkai Star Rail

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When you start Honkai Star Rail, you won’t immediately get to choose your character, instead being introduced to some backstory about the world through characters named Kafka and Silver Wolf. At the end of this introductory section, you’ll finally have a choice between two in-game avatars: Stelle, the female, or Caelus, the male. Which should you choose? Let’s discuss.

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Should You Choose Stelle or Caelus in Honkai Star Rail?

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As with most gacha games, choosing between the female Stelle and the male Caelus is ultimately cosmetic. Both are fully voiced (in cutscenes, battle dialog, and internal monologue, anyway) and have slightly different designs, but they have no gameplay differences other than that. The choice, then, is up to your preference.

That said, you will want to be sure you choose the one you want, as you won’t be able to change things later on, whether their identified gender or the name they give to other characters in the world. Dialog between NPCs will note your choice, “he” and “her,” depending, but the name you choose will be unsaid.

There’s also the matter of equipping other characters you unlock through the banner system. For your first hours in Honkai Star Rail, Stelle or Caelus will likely be a staple of your party, and you use them as your overworld avatar with the press of a button. They’re not a five-star character, however, and once you start building a more curated lineup, you’ll be limited to whichever four entities you have currently equipped. Stelle and Caelus will only appear as your avatar during cutscenes or dialog with other NPCs.

Thankfully, Honkai Star Rail makes no judgment about your avatar, as the story and character interactions unfold the same regardless of your choice. Again, no matter who you are or how you identify, you’re safe to pick the option you prefer and feel safe that you’ll be experiencing the game on equal footing with every other player.

Barring your RNG and expenditures, that is.