Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life All Festivals & How They Work

There are several festivals in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life and this guide shows you them all and how they work.

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The big festivals in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful happen every so often as you play through the game. Unlike other farming simulators, such as Stardew Valley, these festivals do not have notable dates and times within the game. They don’t happen at specific times, but these are important events that you do not want to miss in the game.

With so many festivals happening, we wanted to make sure we had them written down for you and break down their importance. In this guide, we will cover every festival in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life and what you can do when you participate in them.

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Every Festival and How They Work in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

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Four festivals are available to you in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. You have The New Year’s Celebration, the Fireworks Festival, the Harvest Festival, and the Starlight Concert. There’s a festival for every season of A Wonderful Life, which means you can participate in a festival at least once a season during the year.

The New Year’s Celebration happens during the spring season. Next, we have The Fireworks Festival in the summer season. After that, we have The Harvest Festival in the fall season. Finally, The Starlight Concert will close the year in the winter season for A Wonderful Life.

Some of the festivals in A Wonderful Life give you the chance to increase your relationship with certain characters in the game, making it easier to romance and marry them as you progress through the story. When you’re picking a character to spend the festival with, make sure you’re choosing someone you’re planning for your character to marry.

It’s important to note that the days of these festivals trigger randomly. Where some players have had it happen on the first day of the month, others on the second day, and some have reported it happening on the 10th day. Given the randomness of these festivals, it’s safe to assume that they will happen sometime during a specific month, but the day will feel random. The first celebration we will discuss is the New Year’s Celebration, which occurs in spring.

How The New Year’s Celebration Works in A Wonderful Life

The New Year’s Celebration occurs during the spring season and will likely be one of the first festivals you attend in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. It’s difficult to avoid the notification of this festival as Sebastian, one of the town’s villagers, will make their way to you to tell you about it. Romana will be hosting the festival at their Villa, and the event will happen from 10 AM to 5 PM in the game.

When Sebastian talks to your character about the event, they’re going to invite you to bring a dish to share with everyone at the festival. I recommend you do this as Sebastian will thank you for bringing it over, but attending the New Year’s Celebration festival in A Wonderful Life is not required.

How The Fireworks Festival Works in A Wonderful Life

The next festival is The Fireworks Festival, which will happen during summer. With better weather arriving in the town, it’s the perfect opportunity to visit the beach, where The Fireworks Festival will be happening in A Wonderful Life.

Because the day is random, I recommend visiting the beach from 6 to 11 PM in the evening during the summer. Before the festival starts, Charlie and Cole will work on setting up the beach to make it presentable for that evening. However, if you miss out on visiting the beach during the event, a citizen will arrive at your home during the evening and bring you to The Fireworks Festival to make sure you participate in it.

When our character did not have a partner in A Wonderful Life, there was an offer to have someone join us to view the fireworks. Picking this person is important as it boosts your relationship with them. Make sure to choose someone who you are planning to romance and eventually marry.

How The Harvest Festival Works in A Wonderful Life

The third festival in A Wonderful Life is The Harvest Festival, which occurs in the fall season of the game, Everyone in town will be invited to the event to help craft a large stew together. Lou and Vesta are hosting the event, and they will request that you bring an item with you to add an ingredient to the stew. The Harvest Festival occurs at the Lei-Over Inn from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Although Lou and Vesta request an ingredient to be added to the stew, it is not required. You can choose not to bring an item with you, but the event will play out differently. Despite it not being a huge deal, I still recommend bringing at least one item with you, preferably something of high quality, to add to the stew.

How The Starlight Concert Works in A Wonderful Life

The final festival in A Wonderful Life is The Starlight Concert, which happens at the end of the year during the winter season. This is an event that happens in the evening from 6 to 11 PM and will occur at Gustafa’s Yurt, on the south side of the town, just before you arrive at the beach.

Like The Fireworks Festival, you can choose to visit Gustafa’s Yurt after Gustafa has finished setting up for it, or you can return home at night and be taken there yourself in A Wonderful Life. Both options are viable. Because our character was not married to anyone when this happened, we had the chance to watch the event with another person of our choosing and increase our relationship with them. I recommend picking someone you plan to marry or are attempting to romance for this option when you are given the option.

Following the conclusion of Gustafa’s concert for the event, shooting stars will appear and your character has the chance to make a wish. Choosing an option you want to see happen is important as your character’s wish does come true. The choices you make have the chance to increase your character’s relationship with someone or provide money. One choice will be better depending on where you are in A Wonderful Life, especially if you are not married yet.