Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life – Best Wish for The Starlight Concert

The Starlight Concert is a rare festival in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, and this guide shares with you the best wish to make on the shooting stars.

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There are a handful of festivals that you can participate in for each of the four seasons in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. During the winter, the Starlight Concert will occur, and there will be a chance for you to make a wish on a shooting star that appears.

The wish that you make will come true, which can make it challenging to figure out which of the wishes you should be making. Although personal choice is a large factor, there are some important differences you should know. Here’s what you need to know about the best wish to make during the Starlight Concert in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

What Shooting Star Wish is the Best in A Wonderful Life?

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The type of wishes that appear change based on where you are in your playthrough of A Wonderful Life. For example, there are three wishes you can make during your first year of A Wonderful Life, and these are the starting ones you can pick.

  • I wish I was rich!
  • I want [love interest] and I to grow closer!
  • I hope to get along with everyone in the valley!

These are the starting wishes that you receive in A Wonderful Life. The first one gives your character a good amount of money to help boost them into the next year. The second wish increases your relationship with your character’s chosen love interest, so the name will change based on who you decided to share the Starlight Concert with. Finally, the last wish increases your relationship with all characters of Forgotten Valley, making it easier to get along with them.

Between these three wishes, for the first year, I found that getting closer to your love interest is one of the better choices. Getting a family going and making that process easier is one of the larger milestones in A Wonderful Life, and I cannot stress enough how much easier this wish makes this process. Alternatively, the “I wish I was rich” option is always good if you’re doing well in the relationship and you need money.

However, it’s important to note that after you reach the Starlight Concert for the second year, and every year after, there will be a handful of different wishes for these available options in A Wonderful Life.

  • I wish I was rich!
  • I want my family to grow closer together!
  • I hope to get along with everyone in the valley!
  • I’d love for my child to take an interest in farming!

Several of these choices are similar to the first year. You still have the option to go straight for money or to have everyone in the valley like you more. Alternatively, you can choose to focus on your child’s interest in farming, or for your family to grow closer with each other. These will be the consistent options for the rest of your A Wonderful Life playthrough after the second year, and your choice might vary based on your needs.

Again, my favorite choice was the “I wish I was rich!” option, as I never felt I struggled too much with my family’s relationship or my child’s education. However, some other players might feel differently, but I think the “I wish I was rich” and the “I want my family to grow closer together!” are the best options you choose when participating in the Starlight Concert event in A Wonderful Life.