Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Most Profitable Crops

There are several crops you can sell in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, and this guide shows you the ones that sell for the most money.

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The money you make in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is critical to progress through the game because the more money you have, the larger your farm grows. Having access to money makes your life much easier, and you can expect to expand your overall operations. The best way to do that is by selling the most profitable crops.

Crops are edible plants and trees you can grow on your farm in A Wonderful Life. These crops are broken up into tiers, with a base item, a tier one, and a tier two. The higher tiers take longer to reach, but when you get there, you can expect to make a huge amount of profit. This guide covers the most profitable crops you can sell in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

The Best Crops to Sell in A Wonderful Life

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When it comes to progressing through your farm in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, you’ll be starting with base crops. These are the basic forms of the many crops you can find in the game and are the foundation of any good farm. They might not sell for the highest amount of money, but they’re a good starting point, and that’s where we’ll be starting.

After you’ve been farming the basic crops, and you begin mixing them together with each other, you’ll create Tier 1 Hybrid crops, and then after you’ve done that, you take those mixed crops again to make Tier 2 Hybrid Crops. It’s important to note not every hybrid crop combination works in A Wonderful Life, but some combinations are far better than others, and they can yield wonderful profits for your farm.

It’s also important to note that every crop has a particular quality to it in A Wonderful Life. When you harvest the crops, they could come out as valued as B, A, or S, with S being the best-valued crop for any seed, and providing the most money. The S-rank of a crop is the one you want to sell whenever you’re posting your seeds to the market.

Best Base Crops to Sell in a Wonderful Life

Starting with the base crops are the ones you can pick out in their starting form in A Wonderful Life. For everyone beginning their time on the Story of Seasons farm, these are superb crops to make a living and create a sustainable future.

These are the five best base crops to sell in A Wonderful Life that make the most money. I’ve broken down the amounts you get for these crops’ B, A, and S-ranks.

Seed NameCrop Value BCrop Value ACrop Value S
Sweet Potato180G210G240G

Best Tier 1 Crops to Sell in A Wonderful Life

Next, we have the Tier 1 crops. These will be your first batch of hybrid crops you make in A Wonderful Life, mixing two different seeds together to create a unique combination. You can make multiple combinations, but some are clearly better than others based on how much they will sell on the market.

These are the five best tier 1 crops that you can sell in A Wonderful Life. We’ve also broken down how much you get for selling these crops’ quality B, A, and S versions.

Seed NameCrop Value BCrop Value ACrop Value S
Greentoma (Tomato + Watermelon)470G500G530G
Melosweet (Sweet Potato + Watermelon)600G630G660G
Potamelon (Potato + Melon)590G620G650G
Turmelon (Turnip + Melon)550G580G610G
Watato (Potato + Watermelon)560G590G620G

Best Tier 2 Crops to Sell in A Wonderful Life

The final series of crops I want to cover is the Tier 2 crops from A Wonderful Life. These are the best of the best crops, and you can make them by creating hybrids from your Tier 1 crops. As we stated previously, not every Tier 1 crop can create a Tier 2 crop, so you must be picky about your choices.

These are the toughest crops to make in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life, and we’re still working to narrow down the best ones. Right now, some of our favorite combinations will be between the Camelo and Pomato, Turnmato and Melotoma, and the Orogrange and Papple. We’ll add more precise details as we continue our game playthrough.