Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town beginners guide – hints and tips

Get off to a great start.

Image via Nintendo

Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town will feel familiar in many ways to veterans, but newer players might struggle with the freedom the game allows them. In this guide, we will run through some simple tips to get your farm off to a great start.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you can play the game however you like, the main aim is to have fun, after all.

Live in your tent for a while

As tempting as it is to build a cabin early, you will be better off using your early gold to buy seeds to plant, generating even more gold. You can spend some time living in a tent without impact your game in any major way.

Build containers

You can build containers in the crafting menu, and they will allow you to store goods all around the farm. This frees up valuable inventory space until you can upgrade your bag.

The first day is all about resources

On the first day, just smash rocks, chop trees, and collect weeds. You will need them all, and with little to do on the first day, you may as well start gathering them up.

Let your animals out during the day

As soon as you fix the chicken coop, and later on the barn, you can tame animals. They will eat fodder if you keep them inside, so ring the bell outside to let them graze during the day, reducing the cost of keeping them.

Find the sprites

When chopping down trees, smashing rocks, or weeding, you may notice small white creatures that run away. When you have discovered enough of them, you will get to visit the Sprites, getting access to these magical helpers.

Get a free fishing rod

Fishing is a great activity as it provides food, or you can sell the fish for cash. You can also do it when all other chores are done, adding a steady supply of gold each day. You can get a free fishing rod by visiting Marco’s house in the town.

Do everything, all the time

You can never really waste time, as everything has a benefit. Doing any task will rank up your level, earning you rewards at the town hall. Each time you hit a rank, you can get Town Medals, or access to resources and recipes.

Speaking of Town Medals…

These are worth gold, and you can choose to sell them straight away, or hold on to them as a form of savings. Whatever you do is up to you, but it can be hugely helpful to get more crops at the start of the game.