Street Fighter 6 – How To Taunt

If you’re looking to humiliate your opponents in addition to defeating them, here’s how to Taunt your enemies in Street Fighter 6.

Juri Taunting Street Fighter 6

Image Via Capcom

Street Fighter 6 allows players to show disrespect during matches by taunting their opponents. It can be a pain to perform mid-battle, but there is a way to make things easier, so long as you don’t mind going into the menu and making some adjustments.

Each playable character in Street Fighter 6 has three dedicated Taunts they can use during a match. These have no mechanical benefit on the gameplay; they’re just used to mess with your enemy. Be careful, however, as using Taunt will leave you vulnerable to an enemy counter, making you look like a fool if they manage to get a hit in while you’re mocking them.

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How To Taunt In Street Fighter 6

Image via Capcom

To Taunt in battle in Street Fighter 6, you need to press all punch and all kick buttons simultaneously while flicking either Left, Right, or Down. It won’t work when flicking up, as this will cause the character to jump. If performed correctly, the character will perform one of their three Taunts in battle, each assigned to a different direction. The character will also perform one of the Taunts from a neutral stance.

The problem with this taunting method is that getting the timing correctly can be a pain, as any mistime will cause one of many different moves to occur. Luckily, there is an easy solution: you can rebind your controls to create a dedicated Taunt button. The default Street Fighter 6 controls leave the L3 and R3 buttons without bindings, so these can easily act as your Taunt button. Specific premium controllers with extra buttons on the back can also serve this purpose.

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The developers of Street Fighter 6 didn’t make it easy to perform a Taunt, at least not on the surface, but you can mess around with the settings and make it convenient for yourself. Just be sure to prepare your settings the way you want them before entering an online battle, as you don’t want to be burning through your Drive Gauge when you just want to make a fool out of your enemy.