Street Fighter 6: How To Unlock Colors

Change up your look by unlocking extra colors for character outfits in Street Fighter 6.

Alice Street Fighter 6

Image Via Capcom

Street Fighter 6 allows players to alter the color of fighter costumes, though they have to pay the price to do so. If you buy the base game, characters only have two color mixes so that people using the same fighter in a match don’t have identical-looking World Warriors at their disposal, but more are available for those who want them.

To change the color of a character in Street Fighter 6, you can switch the tab that appears when you click on a fighter in the Character Select screen. This is also where you can change the character’s costume, though, like the colors, you likely won’t have any additional outfits available to you unless you’re willing to pay real money or grind the World Tour mode.

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How To Unlock Additional Colors In Street Fighter 6

Image via Capcom

Both colors and costumes can be unlocked with a lot of work in Street Fighter 6, but those who are willing to upgrade their game will get some straight away. Anyone who purchased the Deluxe or Ultimate editions of Street Fighter 6 will unlock additional colors off the bat, so you don’t need to worry about spending any more cash.

For those who don’t own any of the special editions or are unwilling to pay for any passes that grant extra colors for characters they won’t use: there’s an additional option available to you. If you visit the in-game Shop from the main menu, you can buy colors for 50 Fighter Coins or 1000 Drive Coins each.

In Street Fighter 6, the Drive Coins can be earned by completing the daily and weekly challenges, though these are given out at a snail’s pace. Bear in mind that the cosmetics in the Battle Hub are also purchased with Drive Coins, so you’ll have to make sure that you really want something before you commit. The Fighter Coins, in contrast, can only be purchased with real money, with no way right now of earning them in-game.

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The alternate colors aren’t as impressive as the Street Fighter 6 costumes, which is likely why Capcom made them fairly easy to grind, at least using the Drive Coins method. This will involve people tuning into the game every day to complete tasks, which isn’t that much of a tall order, considering that Street Fighter 6 is a fantastic fighting game.