What Luigi does in Super Mario Maker 2 Story Mode’s Game Over screen


Sometimes, Mario levels, mainly if you played the first game, can be tough. You only have so many lives, and when it’s a tight squeeze, you can’t get it right every time. Super Mario Maker 2 is the same, and when it just doesn’t go directly, the classic Game Over screen comes up.

From there, the game offers players the option to Give Up and head back to their Castle, to try Again to start the mission again, or players can choose the final choice, which is ‘Call Luigi.’

Now, above the option shows Builder Luigi, ready to help in his Green and Yellow overalls and builders hat. He reassures players that if you’re having problems with the level, you can use the – button on your controller while in the game to give yourself some assistance by using a few different items, such as stars, blocks and other assortments of power-ups. He also says, “Or you can always ask me to do it for you.”

You might have thought that the game was offering a skip button to complete the level for you. But because it’s Luigi, and he’s asking you if you want to call him in for help, players might also assume he’s going to bring him in for invincibility item, or turn on the level’s easy mode.

However, if you are a completionist and want to make sure that you have gone through all of the content yourself, then we recommend heeding Luigi’s words on this occasion. When players calli him it to complete the level for players on their behalf, they’re going to receive the reward for completing the course, but they do not gain any additional coins for going through the game.

Considering that the game is a challenge but not impossible, players do not need to rely on calling to Luigi to assist. But if players are having problems with the track and want to quickly complete the Story Mode to have access to all the builder’s parts, Luigi is always there.

Enjoy the game Mario Makers.