Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete Gatanisis Shrine

Tears of the Kingdom’s Gatanisis Shrine, A Well Timed Pounce, is the kind of puzzle that makes you feel silly for not figuring it out earlier.

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Tears of the Kingdom’s shrines will have Link sliding through sands, gliding in the air, boosting his way forward just to reach a collectible. But right when we thought nothing could make him feel like more of a pinball victim, Gatanisis Shrine waltzes in with a puzzle that asks players to pound Link with a bouncing platform to reach a flying target. Still, as much as we love the guy, we can’t resist one more extra Light of Blessing, so we’ll have to put him through Gatanasis Shrine anyway.

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Gatanisis Shrine Location

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Gatanasis Shrine can be found east of Hyrule, right past the Zora Domain. Unfortunately, it’s not the easiest shrine to spot since you’ll likely have to climb a huge mountain and drop down once you’re near the shore. A nearby landmark that could serve as a starting point is Tarrey Town.

How to Solve A Well-Timed Pounce in Tears of the Kingdom

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Inside the puzzle, a falling Metal Ball and a bouncing platform await. A huge targeting device is also floating above the bouncing platform, but the Metal Ball can’t quite reach it.

Since the bouncing platform is causing the Metal Ball to bounce a bit too late, it’s time to resort to Link’s time control ability: Recall.

Once the first Metal Ball falls into the abyss, wait for the second one to drop and immediately cast Recall on the bouncing platform. This will cause the Metal Ball to bounce right on time and pound the targeting device. Hence the shrine’s name. 

Gatanasis Shrine Tears of the Kingdom.jpg

Before heading out, grab the treasure chest by sprinting through the bouncing platform and using Ascend on the targeting device above. An alternative to this is to time the bounce again, but that might be harder. In either case, a treasure chest with five Bomb Flowers awaits on top. Once that’s out of the way, glide to the shrine’s exit to grab your Light of Blessing.