Tears of the Kingdom – How To Clean The Sludge In Zora’s Domain

Here’s a walkthrough on how to wash away the sludge in Zora’s Domain in Tears of the Kingdom and what items you need to use.

Tears of the Kindgom Zora's Domain Link

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom allows players to return to Zora’s Domain and visit handsome Sidon again. Unfortunately for Link, Zora’s Domain and the surrounding lands are covered in sludge, and Link requires a specific tool to get rid of it.

You will be allowed to visit Zora’s Domain as soon as they return to Hyrule and progress through the main story until the “Regional Phenomena” quest unlocks. Head directly to the East to reach Zora’s Domain, though you’ll have to pass through dangerous lands and climb many mountains in the process. It will soon become apparent that dirt is dropping from the sky and polluting Zora’s Domain.

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How To Get Rid Of Sludge In Zora’s Domain In The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

Slude in Zora's Domain TOTK
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To be able to clean the sludge, the player will need an item called a Splash Fruit. These are found in the wild around Zora’s Domain, and it shouldn’t take long to accumulate a sizable batch. They resemble greenish-blue colored gourds (as seen in the screenshot below) and are often found in bunches of three.

Once the player has some to hand, they can use two methods to wash away the sludge. The easiest method involves arrows. Equip a bow, notch an arrow, hold up on the d-pad, and cycle along to the Splash Fruit. Once it’s ready, aim it at the sludge, which will explode upon impact, causing a section to be washed away.

Splash Fruit Arrow Zora's Domain TOTK
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The second method involves Tears of the Kingdom’s Fuse ability. It’s possible to fuse a Splash Fruit to a weapon and perform a jumping attack into the sludge, causing it to be washed away at the point of impact. Simply drop a Splash Fruit, bring up the Fuse command with a melee weapon equipped, and your blade will soon be able to wash even the most determined stains.

Zora's Domain fusing Splash Fruit TOTK
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If you’re following the main storyline in Tears of the Kingdom, you will need to acquire Splash Fruit and master the cleaning method, as the first quest in Zora’s Domain involves clearing sludge off a statute in the town square. With this knowledge, you’ll soon become the hero of mopping in Hyrule.

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