Tears of the Kingdom – How To Complete Tenmaten Shrine

Here’s how you can locate and reach Tenmaten Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom without becoming a Horriblin snack in the process.

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Tears of the Kingdom introduces the concept of shrines early in the tutorial. Those big rocks with green spirals? Go inside them, crack the puzzle, and you’ll get goodies. Still, the tutorial section never prepared players for the mystery that is hidden shrines.

And boy does the game just love to hide away shrines in about every dark corner of Hyrule. So perhaps finding Tenmaten Shrine won’t be easy, but reaching it is well worth the effort since there’s no intricate puzzle to solve or missing green crystal to retrieve.

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Tenmaten Shrine Location Tears of the Kingdom

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Tenmaten Shrine is located northwest of Hyrule Castle, inside Elma Knolls Well. To get there quickly, teleport to the nearest Skyview Tower — Lindor’s Brow Skyview Tower — and glide east until reaching Elma Knolls Well.

How to Reach Tenmaten Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

Drop down Elma Knolls Well, and then find the huge hole nearby—time to make a second drop. Make sure to open the paraglider before Link’s feet touch the floor to avoid taking damage.

Consider equipping the Miner’s Outfit or dropping some Brightbloom Seeds to light up the place. A third, less practical option is having a lantern Zonai device at hand.

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Once ready to explore the dark depths of this cave, swim to the shore before the stamina bar depletes and take care of the Horriblins looming over the ceiling ahead. 

When the path diverges, take a left and carry on until you reach the water. Glide and swim From higher ground until you reach the shore across from the Fire Like an enemy. Defeat it using some arrows, or sprint past it—no judgment from our end.

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Tenmaten Shrine is right around the corner. Inside, there are no puzzles to solve. Instead, this is a Rauru’s Blessing Shrine with a treasure chest containing a Large Zonai Charge and a Light of Blessing at the end.