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Tears of the Kingdom – All Skyview Tower Locations & Puzzle Solutions

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players will need to locate Skyview Towers to expand their map of Hyrule.

When you finally make your way down to Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll find that map is completely blank. Much has changed since Breath of the Wild, and you’ll need to travel the land, activating structures called Skyview Towers that help you chart the area immediately surrounding them.

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Based on the blank map, there are fifteen total Towers to activate, and we’re covering all of them here.

How Many Skyview Towers Are In TotK

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In Tears of the Kingdom, there are 15 Skyview Towers in total. Each of these are scattered throughout the map of Hyrule.

Players will need to find and activate each one to gain access to the details of regional areas on the main map of Hyrule.

How to Find & Activate All Skyview Towers in Tears of the Kingdom

Like Shiekah Towers back in Breath of the Wild, activating Skyview Towers will rarely be a walk in the park. Some are guarded by monsters, others have their doors either locked or their terminals deactivated, and still others are surrounded by even greater hazards. You will, however, always know where they are thanks to the lights shining into the sky from their bases.

Below are the exact locations and activation conditions for all fifteen Skyview Towrs in Tears of the Kingdom.

All Skyview Towers in Tears of the Kingdom

Skyview Tower LocationSkyview Tower NameHow to Activate
the Skyview Tower

-0293, 0137, 0025
Lookout Landing
Skyview Tower
Unlocked following a rest at Lookout
Landing after talking to Purah
during your first visit.

-0753, -1019, 0064
Hyrule Field
Skyview Tower
Approach from the west, make your way up
through the Moblin camp and into the area
surrounding the Tower. Defeat or avoid the enemies
and open the Tower door.

0602, -2119, 0098
Popla Foothills
Skyview Tower
Enter a cave near some ruins south of the Tower.
Head north of the cave entrance and step on the switch
to release the worker who will repair the Tower,
allowing you to activate it.

1344, -1170, 0166
Saharsa Slope
Skyview Tower
Enter a cave system north of the Tower
and break through the rocks until you reach
a central room. Use Ascend on a differently colored
section of the roof, remove the sticks blocking the door,
and activate the Tower.

2419, -2762, 0222
Rabella Wetlands
Skyview Tower
Approach this tower from the sky as it’s surrounded
by thorns, and it won’t stop raining. First use the boards
nearby to create a platform that spans the majority of the
thorns in front of the tower door, then create a smaller
table to cover the door thorns. Burn them to enter.

-2431, -2178, 0307
Gerudo Canyon
Skyview Tower
Climb or take the elevators up to the tower.
The elevator near the tower’s base won’t move,
and the mechanic is stuck on it. Use the metal boxes
nearby to weigh down the empty hook until the elevator
with the mechanic comes up, then let him fix the tower.
Bring both heat and cold weather protection.

-3687, 2341, 0233
Rospro Pass
Skyview Tower
Bring cold-weather gear, then head into the mountains
to find the tower. This one is also surrounded by thorns,
but you can use any fire-making method to simply burn
them away, as the snow is not enough to put them out.

-2317, 3066, 0443
Pikida Stonegrove
Skyview Tower
Nothing fancy here. Simply reach the Tower,
possibly with the help of Tulin, and activate it.

0343, 3133, 0180
Thyphlo Ruins
Skyview Tower
There is a Zonai floating block stuck on top
of the tower, and a bunch of others floating below it.
Use Zonai gear or any other means to reach
the top of the tower and paraglide down onto the lip
below the block, then use Ultrahand to remove it.

3493, 2019, 0188
Ulri Mountain
Skyview Tower
Reaching the tower is easy, but once you get there,
you’ll need to defeat the monster that stole the terminal.
It starts flying closer to the ground, then goes higher
if threatened. Build a platform, climb the tower, or
hit a well-aimed shot to take it down, then return
the terminal to the repairman.

-3958, -1317, 0421
Gerudo Highlands
Skyview Tower
The tower itself is nestled in the snowy mountains north
of Gerudo Desert, but to reach the activation terminal,
you need to go into Meadela’s Mantle Cave north
of the tower and ride a board along the river, then ascend
through the rock beneath the tower to reach the
activation platform.

1637, 1183, 0225
Eldin Canyon
Skyview Tower
There are no special requirements to unlock this tower,
simply reach it and activate. The only catch is the heat of
Death Mountain if you’re coming from that direction.

-1901, 1243, 0297
Lindor’s Brow
Skyview Tower
This tower is up on a huge raised boulder,
but there are some building materials nearby
that you can use to make a makeshift bridge. I
was lucky enough to have some falling Sky Island rocks
come down nearby I could Recall into the sky and float down.

2858, 0582, 0379
Upland Zorana
Skyview Tower
While there are no odd requirements to reach
this tower, you will need to use a water item like a
Chuchu Jelly or a Splash Fruit will easily clear
the muck in front of the door.

3845, -1306, 0539
Mount Lanayru
Skyview Tower
Nothing complicated about getting to this tower
beyond braving the frigid temperatures and icy environs.
It might seem like there’s no other way than climbing the ice,
there is a path around the back of the tower that will
avoid the slippery stuff entirely.

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