Tears of the Kingdom Player Disappointed After Spending Thousands Of Rupees On Useless Armor

This Tears of the Kingdom player expected to glow in the darkness of the Depths, but all they got was a shiny toy.

Image via u/lilliovthevalley’s Reddit

In Tears of the Kingdom, armor is as abundant as gossip in a royal court. With countless options, players often find themselves enchanted by the allure of donning extravagant outfits, even if they come with an eye-watering price tag. Some of these armors, like the coveted Radiant Armor Set, can cost a staggering 15,000 Rupees, and it’s no easy feat to amass such a fortune.

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But alas, the news broke of one unfortunate player who, in a fit of impulse, shelled out a hefty sum of 2,400 Rupees to acquire the Radiant Armor Set from Kakariko Village after curing an elderly woman of her gloomy disease. So imagine their horror when they discovered that the radiant glow bestowed by the outfit did absolutely nothing to illuminate the surrounding darkness. Instead of shedding light on their path, they were left looking like a misplaced character from a ¡Mucha Lucha! cartoon.

TotK Player’s 2,400 Rupee Investment in Radiant Outfit Falls Flat

The disheartened player bemoaned the loss of their rupees, having expected at least a glimmer of functionality in the Depths. Alas, It seems they were mistaken in their assumptions.

While the Radiant Armor Set may have its aesthetic appeal for those seeking a fashionable flair, it offers little else in the way of being Radiant. To add insult to injury, the newly added Miner’s Outfit, a free find from the Depths’ chests, actually shines brilliantly in the dark.

News of this unfortunate expenditure has spread like wildfire across the gaming community, eliciting sympathy and amusement. Some have pledged to learn from this costly mistake, vowing to carefully weigh the benefits before investing their virtual fortunes. Others have replied in the Reddit thread with humorous memes featuring a glow-in-the-dark Link stumbling through the dark like a lost firefly.

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It seems that not all that glitters is gold; sometimes, even the most dazzling armor can leave you in the shadows. In a world where rupees are as scarce as legendary loot, this tale of disappointment serves as a cautionary reminder to all aspiring adventurers.