Telegram Missions guides – Red Dead Online

Telegram for Dutch!

Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Telegram Missions are singleplayer activities that players can take part in for various rewards. They work kind of like Stranger Missions.

The missions can be completed at various difficulties for increasing rewards, but there will be a cooldown between each run to prevent endless mission farming.

How to start Telegram Missions

To start the Telegram Missions, visit any camp or post office and collect your messages. They are called A New Source of Employment missions, and they are solo only.

When you collect the Telegrams, go to Satchel, then Documents, and go to the Telegrams to find the relevant telegrams for A New Source of Employment.

What missions are available?

So far, there are three missions in the game.

  • A One Horse Deal – you need to steal a prized, untamed white Arabian racehorse from the Emerald Ranch. You have to intercept the deal, tame the horse, and then deliver it to a contact.
  • Rich Pickings – The Main of Saint Denis has a stash of jewels that he doesn’t want anyone to know about. You need to break in, steal the gems, and then get back out alive.
  • Outrider – you need to escort a wagon and provide backup against attackers. You can ride with the wagon, or on your own horse. If the driver dies, you must complete the mission and get the cart to its destination.

Difficulty and Rewards

Each mission can be done at three different difficulty settings, with a cooldown between the repetitions. The difficulties are Standard, Hard, and Ruthless, and you get less lives for each difficulty level.

The rewards will increase depending on difficulty, but if you die it can be best to repeat the mission, as using lives will also reduce your payout.