How to beat Terrakion in Pokémon Go – Weaknesses, counters, strategies

Be ready to face Terrakion in five-star raids.

Terrakion is a legendary Pokémon you can attempt to capture by participating in five-star raids in Pokémon Go. While it is a powerful Pokémon, it does have varying weaknesses you can attempt to exploit to ensure victory over it, but you can’t do it alone. Make sure to bring a few friends with you to try and fight it during a raid.

The latest five-star raids feature Terrakion start on November 16 and continue until the 23. These will launch alongside the other legendary sword of justice Pokémon, Cobalion and Virizon.

Terrakion weaknesses

Terrakion is a Rock and Fighting-type Pokémon. It has a variety of weaknesses: Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Ground, Psychic, Steel, and Water-types. It has a handful of resistances, which are Bug, Dark, Fire, Normal, Poison, and Rock-type attacks. It’s a fairly robust Pokémon, so you can expect to focus on shattering its defenses with your allies.

Pokémon to counter Terrakion

There are a handful of choices you want to use when attempting to take down Terrakion. Your top options Mewtwo, Mega Blastoise, and Metagross.

Mewtwo is a powerful Psychic-type Pokémon. If you have the shadow version of this Pokémon, you can make one of the most powerful choices. With Terrakion being weak to Psychic-type attacks, Mewtwo can easily dominate this battle. It has a maximum CP of 4,178, an attack of 300, a defense of 182, and a stamina of 214. During this raid, the best moves it can use are psycho cut for its fast move, and its charge moves should be psystrike and psychic.

Another excellent choice to use during this battle is Mega Blastoise, a Water-type Pokémon. For those who want to give their friends a powerful attack boost during the fight, Mega Blastoise can serve that role, and it can output a lot of damage against Terrakion. It has a maximum CP of 3,941, an attack of 264, a defense of 237, and stamina of 188. You want to make sure you have enough Mega Blastoise energy available before using it during the raid, and if you’re nearby several five-star raids, you might be able to use it for multiple encounters. The best moves for Mega Blastoise to learn include water gun for its fast move, and hydro cannon and ice beam for its charge moves.

The final primary option you can use against Terrakion is Metagross. Many players may have already had the opportunity to encounter one with help from the game’s Battle League rewards. It’s a solid choice to have a suitable defense when fighting Terrakion. It has a maximum CP of 3,791, an attack of 257, a defense of 228, and stamina of 190. Its best moves for this raid include bullet punch for its fast move, and meteor mash and earthquake for its charge moves.

The above three choices are some of the best options available to you. However, there are plenty of other options open to you should you not have any of the above. These choices include Mew, Steelix, Mawile, Poliwrath, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, Hariyama, Lucario, Gardevoir, and many more.