10 Best Home Design Games

Unleash your inner decorator with these top home design games.

Okami HD

Everything is better in a digital world, including decorating your home. Whether it’s creating your dream home you wish you could be lounging in in real life or just experimenting with your tools to create the craziest-looking home possible, there are tons of games that you can play to accomplish these goals. Better yet, they all make sure that you have fun doing it.

Home design isn’t new to gaming by any means, but some games just do it better than others. While many of these games are mobile, there are still some of them for PC and consoles, meaning you don’t have to be constrained to your phone to enjoy some decorating fun! So go ahead, dive into any of these games, and unleash your inner interior designer.

The Sims 4

While The Sims 4 isn’t just about home design, the building and design of your house is a huge part of it. This is where a lot of fun can be had in the game because of the near-limitless possibilities of what you can design! Different styles of homes that you can populate with any furniture or decorations you want, all of this creates a home designer experience that complements the main focus of the game. We’ve spent more hours than we would like to admit on this portion of the game.

Design Home: House Renovation

This mobile game offers you a chance to get creative with designing homes for clients, whether they be real or imaginary. As you design to your heart’s content, you will also unlock in-game rewards for completing successful projects. The app is free on Android and Apple, but the real kicker is that if you find a piece of furniture or decoration that you really love, you can use the app to buy it in real life.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There couldn’t be a list of games with home designing without mentioning the latest Animal Crossing. The newest iteration in the long-running series is just as charming and fun as its predecessors, offering you the ability to not only design your own home, but an entire island. You can plan the layout of all your inhabitants’ lodging, the island infrastructure, and more. Narrowing down the focus, you can style your home with any of the many decoration options and tools at your disposal. As you keep playing and keep designing, you’ll unlock more options to really take your home to the next level.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

While New Horizons is pretty mobile being on the Switch, sometimes you just need something smaller that will fit in your pocket. Hence the series’ mobile entry that you can download for free. Having you manage your camping ground, interacting with other campers, and everything else you’ve come to expect from the series, Pocket Camp allows you to design your tent and camping area in so many ways. It’s honestly astounding how many options the game gives you for being a mobile game, and it doesn’t feel too hidden behind paywalls. Obviously, there are microtransactions you can purchase to help speed your designing processes up, but they don’t feel mandatory to do.

Homestyler Interior Designer

The point of this app is to offer you a chance to design a real room in your real home, digitally, but it is also so fun to just mess around with. Players can upload images of any room they want and play around with all kinds of furniture and decorations. The app will also allow you to select products from popular retailers, as well as look through other users’ projects to find some decorating inspiration.

My Home Makeover – Design Your Dream House Games

This mobile game offers more than just home designing; it also gives puzzle-lovers something to think about. The game involves you working with clients to decorate their homes how they want and solving puzzles to unlock different activities like virtual renovating and flipping, decorating, and building. It is only available for Android users, so Apple fans will have to sit this one out.

Home Design: Caribbean Life

While still providing you with all the design and decorating tools you could want, this game also does so in the setting of your dream, tropical paradise. Who doesn’t dream about owning your own beachfront property? This app gets us a little closer to realizing that dream. It’s available for free for Android and Apple users.

My Home – Design Dreams

Design just about any kind of home you could want to in this app that also includes puzzles to stimulate your brain. Beyond just the designing of your home, you can even befriend and chat with your virtual landlord, because who doesn’t love a nice companion to have while embarking on our decoration adventures?

Home Street

This mobile app lets you take your design and decorations beyond just your home. While you can still partake in building your perfect-looking home, but you can build an entire town with your friends! You get to choose which character you play as and use your creativity and imagination to accomplish your goals!

Fallout 4

Okay, we know this isn’t truly a “home design” game, but we would be lying if we said we didn’t spend an obscene amount of time building and designing our bases and settlements. Home design doesn’t just have to be enjoyed through a modern setting; in fact, we would argue it’s way more fun when done in the apocalypse. There is just something innately funny about working to design your home when there are Radscorpions and Raiders out there trying to kill you. Plus, there are a good amount of objects and decorations, some normal, many not, that make designing a real pleasure in the Commonwealth.