The 10 best Roblox games to play on Xbox

The best blox on the Xbox.

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With over 40 million games available, choosing the best Roblox games to play on your Xbox console can be challenging. Every possible genre and subject matter can be found on the platform, made by fans and players worldwide. With so many games made by so many different people, there are some substantial differences in quality between games. If you’re looking for the best Roblox game to play on an Xbox console, here are our top picks.

What are the best Roblox games on Xbox? 

Our pick for the best Roblox games on Xbox are the ones that are built with controller support in mind. Some games will feel unwieldy when using the joystick to aim, but many games on the platform perform well with the Xbox controllers.

Adopt Me!

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Adopt Me! is one of the most popular games on the Roblox platform and works well on the Xbox console. It is bright, colorful, and full of charming animals to adopt and raise. There is also a vibrant and dynamic marketplace to sell your beloved critters to new homes or to pick up your next pet. It is like a mix of Nintendogs and The Sims without feeling like a cheap knock-off.

Anime Fighting Simulator

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If you’re looking for over-the-top action, Anime Fighting Simulator is here to deliver. It takes inspiration from multiple anime fandoms. There are numerous seasons’ worth of content to get there and a constant rollout of new weapons, fighters, and arenas to choose. The game handles well on the Xbox console, with simple controls that translate well to the controller.

Big Paintball!

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If you’re looking for a Roblox shooting game to play, Big Paintball! is easily one of the best to play. The battlegrounds are massive, and you can purchase different gun types, such as the shotgun or sniper rifle, in the in-game marketplace. It is a chaotic but well-balanced and fun game to play, though some of the most fun weapons and effects are locked until you spend real money on them.

Blox Fruits

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The best thing about many Roblox games on Xbox consoles is that they are continually being updated with new content. Blox Fruits is a multiplayer fighting game that encourages players to explore. There are weapons and fruits, many modeled after the popular One Piece anime, that can bestow incredible powers when eaten. There are references to multiple shows and games here, with more content being added every month.

Brookhaven RP

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Brookhaven RP is a fare more laid-back game than most of the ones on this list, offering a chilled-out experience similar to playing a game like Second Life. You can build and design your own luxury home, invite other players over, and engage in compelling storylines. Brookhaven RP is an excellent option for those needing a break from the more chaotic games on this list.


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Playing MeepCity will immediately feel familiar to players of The Sims. You build and manage a town of colorful characters alongside other players. This game stands out in the genre because its servers support up to 200 players, far more than most Roblox games. This can create memorable encounters and a healthy dose of chaos and creativity on display.

Pet Simulator X

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If you’re looking for a considerable number of pets to adopt and collect in a Roblox game, then few can offer the kind of selection you’ll find in Pet Simulator X. This game has more than 950 different pets that you can raise, with different variations and increasingly rare animals thanks to some of the events that take place in the game. The marketplace for this title allows you to purchase or sell your beloved pets for a profit and the regular release schedule means you’ll have to keep returning to get every pet in the game.

Royale High

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In Royale High, you control a supernatural high school student from a noble family attending the titular academy for similar characters. To succeed here, you’ll need to balance your need to study for exams against the frequent social events that the game allows for. There is a strong community of other players to learn alongside, and the game updates often, so you’ll always have a reason to dip back into your high school days.

Tower of Hell

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There are an almost unbelievable number of obstacle course games on the Roblox platform, many of them of low quality and shoddily made. Fortunately, Tower of Hell is one of the best of these games out there. Randomly generated levels ensure that no two games play the same. Up to 20 players race their way to the top of the tower, avoiding obstacles to be the first to make it to the goal. It is exactly as chaotic and fun as the genre demands, while its random nature of it means that it is accessible even to new players.

Welcome to Bloxburg

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There are plenty of games on the Roblox platform that focus on allowing players to build their own dream home or town, but few deliver the experience quite as well as Welcome to Bloxburg. This title allows players to choose how they want to play, either staying in their home and enjoying the fruits of their labor or going out and finding adventure in the surprisingly large game world on offer. The build mode in this game is excellent, with plenty of options.