The 10 best songs from Mega Man games – Best Mega Man music

Da! Duh-Duh-Duh.

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It’s time to dive into the captivating world of Mega Man and its legendary music. From its early days on the NES to its latest adventures on modern consoles, Mega Man has been a staple of the gaming world, leaving an indelible mark on gamers of all ages. Beyond its groundbreaking gameplay, the franchise’s music has been a constant source of inspiration and admiration, elevating each game to new heights. Strap on your blue helmet and charge up your buster cannon because we’re about to take a deep dive into the sonic universe of Mega Man and rank the top ten in order of our favorites.

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Mega Man 2’s Air Man

The Air Man battle theme will elevate your gaming experience to epic proportions. Kudos to you, Kanazawa-san, for designing one of video game history’s most memorable boss battles.

Mega Man 4’s Cossack Stage

This tune greets our ears as Mega Man soars in the high heavens, struggling to enter Cossack’s impenetrable fortress. Yet, amidst the melancholy, the track surprises us with sporadic bursts of rhythmic percussion that pack a delightful punch. 

Mega Man’s Cut Man Stage

Cut Man Stage is a musical tour de force that feels tailor-made for a high-stakes boss battle when it’s merely a stage theme. However, Matsumae can create a musical composition that transcends its intended purpose and becomes a timeless masterpiece in its own right.

Mega Man 2’s Dr. Willy Stage

This game boasted one of the franchise’s most iconic tunes — the legendary Dr. Willy’s stage music. This authentic masterpiece of a soundtrack is so exquisite that it’s still worthy of gracing your phone’s ringtone today.

Mega man 3’s INTRO

Behold, a gem in the NES saga — a theme so iconic that it’s practically impossible to be a gamer and not know it. This title predates the era where they would charge us an arm and a leg for a measly costume pack in Street Fighter. Oh, how times have changed.

Mega Man 5’s Napalm Man Stage

Mega Man 5’s soundtrack adheres too closely to a specific “formula” of Mega Man music. Yet, Napalm Man Stage stands out amidst this sense of musical deja vu. The slick and subtle changes in tempo are executed with such finesse that it feels like the ultimate realization of the “Mega Man 5 music template.”

Mega Man 4’s Pharaoh Man

From the get-go, this electrifying tune slams into you with a dose of high-speed spookiness. It’s a rip-roaring, adrenaline-pumping bop that simply cannot be beaten.

Mega Man 3’s Shadow Man Stage

This song ventures forth with boundless energy while steadfastly retaining its unique identity. Bursting at the seams with unbridled excitement, it’s a musical masterpiece that demands attention and refuses to be ignored.

Mega Man X’s Spark Mandrill

Here we have another hidden gem in the Mega Man X universe. The Spark Mandrill theme has been unjustly overlooked in some playlists. It’s time to rectify this mistake and give this song the recognition it deserves. Trust us; once you hear it, you’ll wonder why it wasn’t on everyone’s list. Hit that play button and prepare to be blown away by its sheer awesomeness.

Mega Man X’s Storm Eagle

When it comes to video game music, the Storm Eagle theme song from Mega Man X is nothing short of a masterpiece. Its soaring melodies and driving beat perfectly capture the intensity of the battle against this avian adversary, and its catchy hooks will have you humming along long after the fight.