The 5 best Discord themes

Get more out of Discord with these top themes.

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Discord is one of the biggest communication tools in gaming and it is made even better by the multiple ways to customize the app. Many people who run servers will install bots to keep track of how much people chat and reward them for keeping the conversation moving, but even if you don’t own a server, you can tailor the experience by installing themes to suit your taste. Here are a few of our top picks for the best Discord themes available today.

Our 5 favorite Discord themes to try

Discord themes can be installed easily with a third-party software called BetterDiscord. This will allow you to use all of the themes and mods listed below quickly. Installing BetterDiscord is a straightforward process and opens up a whole new world of usability and themes for you to enjoy.

Clear Vision

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If you want your Discord to have a futuristic feel, then Clear Vision is a great theme to install. It turns most of the overlay transparent, leaving your text floating on your screen. This is one of the most popular themes on Discord. Not only does it make the app feel like something Iron Man would use, but it also allows for further customization such as improving the color options for text and letting you control how servers appear on your screen.


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For those who want to have a bit more control over their Discord experience, Discord+ is the theme for you. It unlocks many of the visual features in Discord, allowing you to change where things are displayed and how. From logos to the layout to custom fonts, this Discord theme gives you more control than any other. It takes a little more technical knowledge than the other themes on this list, but it is well worth it to get the Discord experience you need.

Fallout 4 Terminal

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If you’re desperate to head back into the Wasteland, then you can download the Fallout 4 Terminal Discord theme. It changes the background to a darker black and switches the text to the luminescent green that fans of the Fallout series will instantly recognize. It doesn’t come with a huge amount of additional features, but it is one of the best Discord themes simply because of how well it captures the look and feel of the terminals from the series.


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One of the more frustrating features of the Discord app is that you are locked into a minimum window size, making it difficult to use the app alongside other programs on your computer. Float fixes that problem by allowing you to remove this restriction. It doesn’t come with many other features and doesn’t let you adjust the visual side of Discord, but it is still a great theme just for the improved functionality it offers.

Spotify Discord

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Many of us have gotten used to having Spotify open on our computer or phone while we’re working, so the music streaming app’s interface has become familiar to us. Spotify Discord replicates the look and feel of Spotify in the Discord app, right down to the size and color of the text. When combined with some bots that allow you to display what you’re listening to on Discord, this is one of the more music-lover-friendly themes out there.