The 5 best Survivors in Dead By Daylight

Dead by Daylight has some interesting survivors.

What makes Dead by Daylight one of the greatest multiplayer games in the horror genre is just how much effort is put into the backstories of all the original survivors. Although their lore isn’t at the forefront of the game, if you decide to take the time to read it or do the challenges in the Tomes when they come out, you open up an additional layer of content that you wouldn’t get otherwise. These characters, who would otherwise just be cosmetics, are surprisingly deep and well-fleshed out.

5. Felix Richter

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Like many of the survivors in the game, Felix’s story is a tragic tale. One day as a child, Felix’s father disappeared during an exploration in an underground laboratory. Ever since that day, his father weighed heavily on his mind, and he tried to find a reasonable explanation for his disappearance but no amount of research could explain it. When he became an adult, a mysterious fog appeared and after many years, a figure that appeared to be his father came out of it but quickly turned back towards the fog, seemingly luring Felix into it. Felix, too overcome with emotion about having seen his father again, chases after him and gets consumed by the fog. He was never seen again.

4. David King

Image via Behaviour Interactive

What makes David King get on this list is his all too relatable struggle that many fans in the player base may have gone through themselves: coming to terms with their sexual orientation. David King is a gay man and he’s struggling to accept that. He’s supposed to be tough; he can’t like men. A lot of members in the LGBTQIA+ community have felt this way about their identity, a feeling of doubt and that it’s all wrong. However, just like David realizes, there’s nothing wrong with how you’re feeling. It’s okay to like who you like or feel how you feel.

3. Claudette Morel

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Claudette is one of the original survivors in Dead by Daylight and perhaps one of the best ones in the game. Not only does she come with one of the arguably best perks, Self-Care, which allows you to heal yourself without the need for a med-kit, but she’s also an interesting character. Claudette found her love for science at the age of eight after her parents gave her a kit for her birthday. Years passed and her passion only grew, so much so that it was enough to get her a scholarship to a good college. Unfortunately, we don’t know if she was able to attend college as she was taken by the Entity sometime after being accepted.

2. Mikaela Reid

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Introducing the mechanic of Boons, Mikaela Reid is a young mystic who is able to change the game with her supernatural abilities. Losing her father at 16, she nearly lost her way before being able to find her way again thanks to horror stories, Halloween, and witchcraft. Over the years, her interest in witchcraft expanded as she started to grow plants, practice spells, and make products for friends to try out. Eventually, she became an expert at her craft and was invited to the Endless Halloween Festival where she performed. But after this festival, someone, or rather, something, began haunting Mikaela. No matter what she did, this thing never went away. It eventually took her friend Julian away and then eventually, Mikaela.

1. Yun-Jin Lee

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Ever since she was a child, Yun-Jin loved music. So naturally, she aspired to be a musician. However, she rejected to become an idol trainee but was able to get an unpaid internship at a record label. So, while she was able to finally create music and produce some of the studio’s biggest hits, she never got paid or credited for it. She would eventually leave and rise to stardom next to Ji-Woon Hak, also known as the Trickster. However, she would soon realize that some of their greatest hits were created with the screams of his victims; people who had gone missing and whose bodies were found days later. Everything she had ever worked for would be taken from her and all because of someone else’s doing. However, the Trickster’s crimes would never come to light as he and Yun-Jin were taken by the Entity.