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The 5 most valuable Game Boy Color games

Retro certainly doesn't mean cheaper in this case.

Retro gaming can be a great hobby, with multiple generations of gaming goodness to dive into. However, the consoles and games that we enjoyed back in the day might not be easy to come by anymore. Even systems like the Game Boy Color, which is among the best-selling consoles of all time, are becoming collector’s items as working copies become rarer.

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If you are lucky enough to have a working Game Boy Color on hand, you still need some game cartridges to play on it. While some games are easier to find, some will put you back quite a bit if you want to get a copy for yourself. Interested to see if your collection has a hidden gem within it?

The 5 most valuable Game Boy Color games

5) Pokemon Silver and Gold

It is never a surprise to see Pokemon games on a list like this. They are routinely the best-selling games for Nintendo’s handheld consoles. Despite getting remakes in 2009 for the DS in the form of SoulSilver and HeartGold, the original Game Boy Color titles remain very expensive to get your hands on. The original Game Boy Color titles in New condition will run a staggering $1,086.25 for Pokemon Gold, making Silver seem like a bargain at $633.27.

4) Resident Evil Gaiden

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Resident Evil might not be known for its handheld titles, but that doesn’t mean an attempt wasn’t made to release it. In 2001, Resident Evil Gaiden was released for the Game Boy Color, featuring a top-down viewpoint during exploration sections of the game that switched to first-person when combat was initiated. The game wasn’t well-received by critics and didn’t sell particularly well. As a result, physical copies are rare. A new and sealed version will cost around $1,416.90.

3) Pokemon Crystal

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The second generation of Pokemon games remains in high demand more than two decades later. Originally released in 2001 in the West, Pokemon Crystal was an enhanced version of the aforementioned Silver and Gold games. Despite releasing for the Wii Virtual Console and the 3DS in 2018, physical copies of this game will set you back $107.48 for the cartridge alone. Complete and in New condition versions see the price jump up to $1,473.94.

2) Shantae

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This is the game that started the Shantae series back in 2002. The series follows the titular half-genie as she goes on adventures to save Scuttle Town from a variety of dangers. It didn’t sell particularly well upon its initial release but has gone on to become a cult classic, with its most recent entry coming in 2019. Shantae was released for the Game Boy Color first but soon got a port onto the Game Boy Advance. As a result, the original Game Boy Color release has become a highly sought-after title. Just the cartridge will set you back $741.78 but throw in the box and the instruction manual and you’re looking at spending at least $2,598.

1) The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages: Limited Edition

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Sometimes games are so expensive simply because they are so rare. That’s the case for this limited edition of a classic Zelda game. This pack contained both the Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages games, plus a selection of pins, a shirt, and artwork for lucky fans to enjoy. However, only 500 of these editions were ever produced, making this one of the rarest games of all time. That probably explains why fans can expect to pay $3,549 for it. Of course, that requires one to go on sale, which only happens once or twice a year at most.

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