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The best Ability Stone calculator for Lost Ark, and how to use it

The faceting process just got easier.

After you hit level 50 and start working on the endgame content in Lost Ark, you will acquire powerful items that can further upgrade your character. Among other items, you will pick up Ability Stones, which are a part of the engraving system. Before you can use them, they should be first faceted. As the process can get a bit complicated for some, you can use an online calculator to make the faceting process easier. In this guide, we are going to talk about the best Ability Stone calculator for Lost Ark, along with how to use it.

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The best Ability Stone calculator for Lost Ark

The faceting process involves taking an Ability Stone that you acquired and cutting it down to get the best version of it. However, you can ruin the stone if you’re not careful with it during the process. Therefore, you need to rely on an Ability Stone calculator, as it can increase the chances of successfully faceting a stone.

For this purpose, we suggest you use the Lost Ark Meta Game calculator. While there are a handful of other calculators available online, we found this one to be the most accurate and easy to use. First, you need to enter the number of Nodes your Ability Stone has. Then, you can either maximize the first row or the second one. If you’re confused about the two, you can simply maximize both of them equally. Once done, start faceting the stone in the game and tell the calculator if it was a success or failure. The calculator will then suggest the next optimal move.

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It is important to remember that while the Lost Ark Meta Game calculator is amazing and all, it is not 100% accurate. Sometimes, it will give out a wrong prediction, and your stone will not come out as expected. However, in most cases, it will help you get the perfect stone.

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