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How to auto dismantle amulets in Lost Ark

Sorting loot can get tedious.

As with any loot-centric title, you’re going to end up with a slew of items that ultimately do nothing for your build in Lost Ark. Thankfully, there are settings that players can take advantage of to ensure they don’t need to sift through endless piles of loot to find the singular adequate piece that has dropped. Lost Ark features an auto-dismantle function that checks the looted gear against player-set filters, and dismantles it into materials automatically if the rolls aren’t high enough. Here’s to auto dismantle amulets, and other pieces of gear, in Lost Ark.

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How to open the Auto Dismantle options

To open your auto-dismantle options in Lost Ark, first open your inventory with the default button, ‘i.’ On the bottom left of this inventory window, you’ll see a hammer — click this to open your dismantle window.

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This window allows for the manual dismantling of various pieces of gear, but we’re seeking something a bit more granular than this. In the dismantling window, again look to the bottom left to find a button called ‘Auto Dismantle.’ Clicking this button brings up a slew of options for the automatic dismantling of any loot below specified qualities.

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Lost Ark Auto Dismantle options

There are a host of options available for players to gain granular control over what is, and is not, dismantled. The easiest means of controlling this is determining your gear tier, and dismantling anything that drops below that which is not a legendary. Radial buttons will allow you to automatically dismantle any piece of gear, regardless of presets above, if it drops with a specific stat modifier that doesn’t match your build.

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It’s strongly recommended to read through the window carefully, or you may end up dismantling outstanding gear that you could have otherwise used. Judicious use of the Auto Dismantle will help keep your inventory clean and clear, leaving far more time for adventuring across the fantastical world of Lost Ark.

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