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The 10 best armor sets in Wild Hearts, and how to get them

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Wild Hearts is chock full of armor sets with various visual and gameplay styles. Earning these distinct armor sets is as varied as the armor itself, and you will need a lot of them if you hope to survive against the fearsome Kemono you come up against. Crafting these sets can be challenging if you don’t know where to look, but with some knowledge and determination, you can craft powerful armor for yourself. This guide will break down the 10 best armor sets in Wild Hearts and how to get them.

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The 10 best armor sets in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts features over a dozen armor sets with distinct visual styles and reinforce particular playstyles. However, not all armor is equal, and some are worth chasing after more than others. Here are the 10 best armor sets in Wild Hearts, ordered from worst to best.

10) The Fresh Fern Armor Set

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After completing the opening tutorial missions, the Fresh Fern armor set should be the first upgrade every new Wild Hearts player builds. It’s an elementally neutral set and doesn’t require you to hunt any particular creature to make it. To construct this armor set, scavenge materials such as Ancient Lumber around the tutorial campgrounds and earn yourself a great starting set of gear.

9) The Basara Armor Set

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The Basara Armor set should be the second suit of armor you hunt down and the first you will farm a specific Kemono boss for. The materials needed to build this set can be found exclusively from Kingtusk. This massive boar is a tough fight, but calling in reinforcements and steering clear of its tusks will see you to victory.

8) The Roaming Bard Armor Set

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The Roaming Bard armor set is essentially required to advance into the mid-game portion of Wild Hearts. This is the first Fire-aligned armor set in the game, and you have to hunt down Dreadclaw and Spineglider each for the required components necessary to craft this gear. When you have a complete set, you can begin hunting Lavaback for the next entry on this list.

7) The Ninja / Fuma Clan Armor Set

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Besides being one of the coolest-looking sets in the game, the Ninja (low rank) and Fuma Clan (high rank) armor can be farmed from fighting against the standard or Mighty version of Lavaback. This armor set grants powerful Human aligned bonuses and provides the best Fire defense in the game, which will be needed to tackle the end game Fire Kemono.

6) The Blossom Trail Armor Set

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The Blossom Trail armor set is the higher-ranked version of the Fern Set from the beginning of the game. When you transition to high-rank quests and fights, this set boosts defense and is easy to build. You must acquire Lizard Bloom and other resources on Chapter 3’s Blossom Trailer Hunt site.

5) The Brighteye Archer Armor Set

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The Brighteye Archer set is the best end-game Water set in the game. This will be required if you hope to hunt Mighty or Volatile Water-themed Kemono such as Deathstalker. You can earn this gear by hunting the Mighty Dreadclaw and its variants.

4) The Sunrise Princess Armor Set

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The Sunrise Princess armor is the best Earth-resistant gear in the game. This is a robust armor set if you prefer to use Human aligned perks and weapons. This can be crafted by hunting down the Onyxshard and Venomglider, which are tough bosses. We suggest partying up with other players to hunt these pairs down.

3) White Fang Armor Set

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White Fang armor set is the best Wind armor in the game and comes from hunting down one of the game’s end bosses, the Golden Tempest. This armor set has great Human aligned perks, allowing you to unleash a steady stream of critical hits easily.

2) The Garuda Armor Set

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Garuda is the armor you can craft after defeating and farming the fearsome Emberplume. This Fire-themed armor is Kemono aligned, and it will make you immune to being stunned by any Kemono roars. This is an incredibly useful skill, and you can fight through a Kemono’s stun attempts and prevent them from screaming and running away.

1) The Draconic Armor Set

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The Draconic armor is just as good and powerful as the Kemono you must hunt down to earn it. This armor can only be crafted from parts earned from hunting down the end-game boss, the Celestial Dragon. This creature’s armor set is completely neutral in every element, which makes it the best all-purpose armor set in the game. It also features a string of perks that benefit your playstyle if you’re a Human or Kemono-aligned player.

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