How to get Pet Kemono Tail Feathers in Wild Hearts

A bird watchers delight.

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Pet Kemono Tail Feathers are vital resources players can earn in Wild Hearts. Like many systems in Koei Tecmo’s take on the monster-hunting genre, there is little or no explanation for many essential systems players can use to earn materials. Pet Kemono Tail Feathers are a vital resource needed to upgrade every armor set and weapon in the early game. This guide will explain how to get Pet Kemono Tail Feathers in Wild Hearts.

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Where to find Pet Kemono Tail Feathers in Wild Hearts

Pet Kemono Tail Feathers is a crafting material that can be passively earned in Wild Hearts. You need a handful of items and a pair of quick hands to begin earning this resource. This resource drops from a specific species of creature, The Grasswing Swallow and the Lotuswing Swallow. For farming this resource, we suggest going after the Grasswing Swallow, which is exclusively found in the first open-world environment, The Blossom Trail. The Blossom Trail transforms into Harugasumi Way from chapter 4 onwards, but this creature roams this area just the same. The image below is the small bird you need to track down.

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You can find this creature in every corner of the first area. Approach one of these colorful birds and tap L2 to collect them as a pet. We suggest running around until you have acquired three birds. Once you have grabbed a couple as pets, it’s time to return to Minato.

When you’re back at the base, you must construct the Wildlife Cage Dragon Karakuri. It costs 30 Wind elements to build, so ensure you have enough capacity for two to three of these cages. After constructing this cage, walk up to it, place a Grasswing Swallow in it, and hit Confirm.

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After you place enough birds in these cages, all you have to do is sit and wait. Every few minutes, this cage will prompt you to Collect. When you collect from these cages, you will have a Pet Kemono Tail Feather in your inventory. If you need this resource in abundance, you can place as many cages as you have birds and let them all passively earn this rare item for you.

If you don’t feel like waiting, we suggest that you go on a hunt. If you go on a chase and then return to Minato, these cages will have a fresh round of Pet Kemono Tail Feathers for you to add to your collection.