Every Fusion Katakuri in Wild Hearts, and how to get them

Build a bigger bomb.

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Fusion Katakuri are special buildings and traps that can turn the tide of a challenging boss fight. Unlike Dragon Katakuri, Fusion Katakuri is designed to be used on the fly during combat and is not intended to be used as long-term structures. Unfortunately, learning how to build Fusion Katakuri isn’t guaranteed unless you know the specific details needed to understand each one. This guide will break down every Fusion Katakuri in Wild Hearts and how to get them.

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Where and how to get Fusion Katakuri in Wild Hearts

Unlike all other buildings and traps in Wild Hearts, Fusion Katakuri can’t be learned via the Katakuri Skill tree. The only method of learning new Fusion Katakuri recipes is an in-game mechanic called “A Flash of Inspiration.” Each Fusion Katakuri belongs to a specific boss in the game, and you must have the right basic Katakuri equipped to trigger A Flash of Inspiration. These are all the monsters you have to fight and builds you need to have equipped to learn every Fusion Katakuri in the game.

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Fusion KatakuriKemono BossCrafting RecipeKatakuri Effect
BulkwarkKingtusk6 Crates.A shield that can block hits
and stop charging attacks.
PounderSpineglider3 Springs.A Water infused hammer that
slams down on enemies.
FireworkDreadclaw6 Torches.A firework shot that
grounds flying Kemono.

Elemental Lantern
GritdogStack a Crate, Glider, and Crate.A lantern that emits an
elemental shield if its attacked.
Chain TrapDeathstalker2 stacks of 2x Stakes and Crate.A giant chain harpoon that
stuns grounded enemies.
Repeater CrossbowFumebeakStack a Glider, Stake, Glider.A ballista automatic turret.
Healing MistLavabackStack 3 Gliders.A healing mist that regenerates health.
Shield WallGoldshardStack a Crate, Spring, and Crate.A shield wall that acts as a short-lived parry.
Star BombSporetailStack a Spring, Torch, Spring.A giant bomb that causes fire damage.
Healing VaporizerMighty SapscourgeStack a Torch, Celestial Thread, Torch.A healing aura that cures debuffs.
Pile DriverAmaterasuMount a monster and build two Stakes.A large nail that impales a monster up close.
Celestial ShieldEmberplume2 stacks of Celestial Thread, Crate, Celestial ThreadA shield that can absorb one hit and provide you with total immunity.
HarpoonAmaterasu2 stacks of Spring 2X, StakeA giant harpoon that drags airborne Kemono out of the air.
Celestial CannonGolden Tempest2 stacks of Celestial Thread, Torch, Celestial ThreadA powerful cannon that fires a large blast directly in front of it.

This is the order in which we unlocked these Fusion Katakuri, but if you’re playing with other hunters online, you may unlock them differently. We suggest you fight each Kemono yourself to ensure you learn each recipe, not another player.