Wild Hearts Weapon Tier List – The best weapons in Wild Hearts

They all pack a wallop.

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Wild Hearts is a Koei Tecmo’s take on the hunting game genre, where you must battle dangerous Kemono with even more destructive weapons. Wild Hearts features eight distinct weapon types with their own unique styles and a diverse set of mechanics. All the weapons in Wild Hearts are effective, but some are easier to use than others. This guide will explain the best weapons in Wild Hearts.

What are the best weapons to use in Wild Hearts?

As we mentioned above, all weapons are viable in Wild Hearts. Each one features an extensive skill tree, with an assortment of upgrades that cover every element Wild Hearts has to offer players. This tier rating is based on versatility and, more importantly, ease of use. The Hand Cannon and Nodachi are great weapons but take considerable time and proper gear to truly stand out compared to the A-tier weapons. If you take the time to learn the lower-tier weapons, you can still make yourself a force to reckon with against the mightiest Kemono bosses.

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Here is the tier list for Wild Hearts weapons.

TierWeapon Type
SKarakuri Staff
AKarakuri Katana, Katakuri Bow
BMaul, Bladed Wasaga, Claw Blade
CHand Cannon, Nodachi

The one and only S-tier weapon in Wild Hearts is the highly versatile Karakuri Staff. This weapon can be unlocked after you begin Chapter 2, and it’s worth investing in once you’re comfortable with all of Wild Hearts’ mechanics. This weapon can transform into five distinct forms, each modifying its damage type and attack ranges accordingly. This weapon is only for advanced players, but its flexibility pushes it to the top of the list. The best version of this weapon, Yafune-kukunochi, can be built by slaying the source Kemono end-game boss.