The best Beidou build in Genshin Impact

Create an electrical current.

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Beidou is a 4-star Electro character and is a powerful ally for your team. This character wields a Claymore and is the captain of The Crux, fearlessly sailing the seven seas and mowing down all the enemies in her way. Beidou is a sub-DPS character and can supply a sizable amount of Electro DMG for your team from the backline with her Elemental Burst, which zaps your opponents with lightning as you use Normal Attacks. Follow this guide to learn how to best build your Beidou.

Best weapons for Beidou in Genshin Impact

Beidou’s kit allows her to be quite flexible with different weapons that will best fit her kit. Choose one of the following Claymores to best augment your Beidou:

  • Best 5-star weapon: The Wolf’s Gravestone is Beidou’s best item, giving her a massive influx of ATK and also allowing her to buff her team slightly.
  • Best 4-star weapon: The Serpent Spine is Beidou’s best 4-star weapon, giving her a medley of offensive stats including a respectable 510 base ATK, 27.6% Crit Rate, and a passive that increases her flat DMG by a variable amount. This is a good option for low-spenders, although you will need to purchase the Battle Pass at least once to obtain this weapon.
  • Best free-to-play weapon: The Lithic Blade is a good offensive option for free-to-play players, as you can easily get this weapon from the Weapon Event Wish banner.

Best artifacts for Beidou in Genshin Impact

  • The 4-piece Emblem of Severed Fate set is Beidou’s best set, giving her some Energy Recharge and increasing her damage based on her total Energy Recharge. This allows you to focus a bit more on Energy Recharge over offensive stats without sacrificing damage, ensuring that you can unleash your Elemental Burst as much as possible.
  • The 4-piece Noblesse Oblige set is another solid choice for Beidou, increasing her Elemental Burst damage and also providing a good ATK buff for your allies. Consider this set if you already have a large amount of Energy Recharge for Beidou.

Best teams for Beidou in Genshin Impact

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Beidou has numerous applications as an Electro character, such as an Electro-Charged team or an Aggravate Dendro team.

  • Beidou / Fischl / Xingqiu or Yelan / Sucrose is a classic team comp, known as a “Taser team.” Beidou and Fischl deal with off-field Electro DMG and provide tons of Electro energy, while Xingqiu provides Hydro to create Electro-Charged. Sucrose triggers Xingqiu’s Elemental Burst and can also swirl and reduce resistances.
  • Replace Xingqiu and Sucrose for a Nahida and Dendro Traveler and you have an Aggravate team. Aggravate is one of the strongest reactions thanks to the introduction of Dendro, which gave some life to the Electro element.