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The best bond rings in Fire Emblem Engage

Engage with some great bond rings

Bond rings in Fire Emblem Engage may seem like a tiresome mechanic that will yield small stat boosts, but rare rings can grant you excellent abilities. They may be hard to get since you obtain the rings through a gacha mechanic, but putting time into trying to get good rings will be extremely beneficial in helping you on the battlefield. But what should you do before you try to get these rings?

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First of all, rings are only obtainable when you have the corresponding emblem ring. You can’t get Ike’s bond rings until you reach the part in the story when you get Ike’s emblem ring. Second, don’t waste your time and money by spending tens of thousands of bond points on trying to get rare rings. There’s a simple exploit you can use to work around the gacha mechanic and easily get S-rank rings. Here are the rings you should be aiming for (they’re all S-rank rings).

Olwen – best bond rings in Fire Emblem Engage

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One of Leif’s bond rings, Owlen has one of the greatest skills in the game, Dire Thunder. It allows any unit using a thunder tome to always attack twice. Thunder tomes have three range, so they’re indispensable on the battlefield. If you increase its might and accuracy by forging it, you’ll be decimating enemies one after another without having to face them directly in battle. The little cherry on top is that Olwen’s ring gives you plus two speed, which is the most crucial stat in Fire Emblem.

Claude – best bond rings in Fire Emblem Engage

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Claude’s bond ring comes from Byleth’s pool, which isn’t available until later in the game. His Wind God skill gives you plus one bow range if your unit’s health is at 100%. Archers aren’t meant to be shoved on the front lines, so keeping them at full health will be easy. Upgrade your long bow and this bond ring, and you’ll be sniping enemies from great distances. If you want someone who can do amazing chip damage, make one of your characters a Warrior since they can equip bows. The Warrior class is a backup type, which allows them to join units in battle and do a couple of added points of damage. If backup units have a ranged weapon, they can still join in from two spaces away. Claude’s ring mixed with a longbow means your Warrior can join anyone’s fight from four spaces away.

Caeda – best bond rings in Fire Emblem Engage

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One of the most popular characters from Marth’s bond ring pool, Caeda will greatly help the survivability of your units. Her skill is Sympathetic, which allows units to take five less damage if they’re under half health. If your unit is in this situation and will get double attacked, that means your enemy is doing ten less damage. If a unit like an armored knight equipped this ring while standing on a fort tile while also having half health, they’d be unstoppable.

There are plenty of other great bond rings in Fire Emblem Engage, but the ones listed above are so good you may want them equipped instead of emblem rings. Use them on the proper characters and wipe the floor with your enemies.

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