The 10 best characters in Guitar Hero

I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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Guitar Hero Characters had made themselves iconic to franchise fans. From varying music genres to their characteristics as humans, these guitar heroes deserve all the love. Of course, some of them are just that close to our hearts. Hence, we list our 10 best heroes from the Guitar Hero franchise that still rock to this day.

Which are the best Guitar Hero characters?

Axel Steel

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It is generally known that Axel Steel is a phenomenal guitarist and that he is the link that connects the illustrious band’s SideWinder, HellDozer, and MegaThreat. Did you know he rescued his first guitar from the garbage at the pool hall where he worked? Or the fact that he got his first major break while he was working as a hauler for Dopple Ganger? Their guitarist was only out briefly until Axel took up the position permanently.

Axel claims that when he’s not shredding on the guitar, he enjoys drawing motorbikes and skulls, exactly like he used to do in school. According to Skip Alldaway, Axel plays the guitar so rapidly that there ought to be warning labels on all of his CDs.

Casey Lynch

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Casey is a tough, independent woman who loves breaking traditional norms. A guitarist in Guitar Hero with outrageous style, she is punk to the core and doesn’t shy away from showing her edgy, punk-rock style. She has a rebellious spirit and isn’t afraid to speak her mind, making her a popular character with Guitar Hero franchise fans. Needless to say, Casey can shred the strings like it’s no one business.3

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Clive Winston

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Clive Winston was born in the suburbs of London to parents who did not stand out as particularly outstanding. His upbringing and schooling were average, and during his time at the university, one of his teachers referred to him as “unextraordinary in every sense.” His grades were ordinary; however, Clive quickly demonstrated that he was not even close to being average.

He ultimately established himself as a hard-rocking artist in Guitar Hero and continued to produce record after single that topped the charts.

Eddie Knox

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Eddie Knox, the frontman of the band Fireballs, is known for his flamboyant stage presence and over-the-top antics. He is often portrayed as a wild and unpredictable Guitar Hero character who will do anything to get a reaction from his audience. His Guitar skills are incredible, and his flashy clothes and in-your-face makeup appeal to fans from all across. Despite his sometimes eccentric behavior, Eddie is a talented musician and a born crowd-pleaser.

Grim Ripper

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Grim is a full-fledged rockstar in Guitar Hero who comes from another dimension that he tore apart to get through. Grim has given up robbing people of their souls in favor of the adrenaline rush that comes with stealing the show, and he now travels the world putting down monster riffs. This rock star is one badass all the way through.

Fans who make it out of a Grim gig with their souls still intact are considered lucky; Grim’s riffs are that lethal. At his most recent incredible performance, a spectator who was overcome with wonder exclaimed, “The curtains fluttered, and suddenly he arrived!”

Izzy Sparks

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Izzy is well-known for his incredible guitar playing, outrageous hairstyles, wilder clothes, and stranger parties. He claims that his lightning-fast approach requires him to modify his guitars to play them effectively.

Izzy has performed for scores of bands in Guitar Hero, some of which include Arsenic, Gold Rush, Medusa’s Hair, and Gang of Two. He has been known to switch bands as often as other people switch shoes. His giant chops and bad-boy antics are so entertaining that fans and the media can’t get enough of him.

Lars Ümlaut

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In addition to his distinctive Viking helmet that he wears when performing, Lars Ümlaut is well-recognized for his wild guitar talents in Guitar Hero. With his unusual sense of humor and contagious love for all things metal, Lars is sometimes characterized as a cute goofball. He may appear stupid a lot of the time, but he is a talented musician who has gained a lot of followers because of his scorching guitar solos and charismatic stage persona.

Johnny Napalm

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Johnny Napalm is now known as the “Guitar God” in Guitar Hero, but things weren’t always like that. Even before he turned 19, he had already been in trouble with the authorities on many occasions. Change happened when he got a guitar during the punk movement of the 1970s and 1980s, which inspired him to become the Guitar God despite never having taken a single guitar lesson. Through his trademark attitude and talents, he perfectly captures the essence of the punk rock subgenre. Johnny lurches back into the spotlight, rugged and eager for action, after being released for almost tolerable behavior.

Judy Nails

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Born Judith Ann Taylor, she earned her nickname at the age of 7 after a nail gun incident. It was an encounter that shaped her unorthodox demeanor in significant ways. Her parents tried to promote various “acceptable” activities, but it was clear that Judy solely loved rock and roll.

Judy is well-known for her innovative use of non-standard tunings and mind-blowing solos on the guitar in Guitar Hero. During her most recent appearance in court, Judy defended herself against allegations that she had hit a reporter by stating, “He asked about my hair and clothes, but not once about my music.” The allegations were later dismissed against the defendant.


Image via Activision

The events of Pandora’s childhood are veiled in mystery. Some people believe that she came into the world in a completely dark realm. Others claim that she spent her childhood in a duplex near Boise. The girl scouts didn’t want her, the ballet school couldn’t handle her, but people worldwide couldn’t get enough of Pandora’s great guitar. She has a rapid and wild playing style in Guitar Hero.

Xavier Stone

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Since the beginning, Xavier Stone has always been rocking. At the age of five, he was recognized as a musical prodigy with an IQ of a genius, and by the time he was eight, he had written and starred in his first full-length rock opera in Guitar Hero.

At the age of 13, Xavier Stone had already founded the band that would go on to achieve international renown as Seeing Eye Frog, and they were about to embark on a global tour. His approach was heavily impacted by his early exposure to the intricate rhythms of both Africa and the Orient. Xavier Stone can alter styles on the fly, maintaining a calm demeanor while doing so. He is equally stimulated by hip-hop, classical, jazz, and rock music.

According to Xavier, his preferred method of rocking out is to play so aggressively that “there’s nothing left of a guitar when I’m done with it.”