The best classes for each character in Fire Emblem Engage

What class will you give your favorite characters?

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Every character you receive in Fire Emblem Engage has a starting class, and they can eventually become an advanced class. Alternatively, you can swap characters from their starting class and have them become something new, potentially making them a more optimized unit based on their stats and how they level up. Not every class works the same, and some rely on specific stats to become an efficient unit in your game. Here’s what you need to know about the best classes for characters in Fire Emblem Engage.

The best classes for all characters in Fire Emblem Engage

There are a handful of exclusive classes specifically given to characters. Although it does make these characters uniform to remain in this class, we recommend keeping aligned with them as they are not available to other characters in your party.

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These are the best classes for every character you can get in Fire Emblem Engage.

CharactersBest Classes
AlcrystSniper, Tireur D’élite
Alear (main character)Divine Dragon, Swordmaster, Griffon Knight, Flier, or Wyvern Knight
AlfredAvenir, Paladin
AnnaMage, Sage, Thief, or Wolf Knight
BoucheronAxe FIghter, Berserker, or General
BunetGreat Knight, General, or Hero
CelineVidame, Sage, or Mage Knight
ChloeGriffon Knight or Hero
CitrinneMage, Sage, or Mage Knight
DiamantSuccesseur, Swordmaster, or Hero
EtieSniper or Bow Knight
FogadoCupido or Bow Knight
FrammeSage, Mage Knight, High Priest, or Martial Master
GoldmaryHero or Swordmaster
HortensiaSleipnir Rider
JadeGeneral or Great Knight
JeanMartial Master, Sage, or Mage Knight
KagetsuSwordmaster or Hero
LapisSwordmaster or Hero
LouisGeneral or Great Knight
MauvierRoyal Knight, General, or Great Knight
MerrinWolf Knight or Hero
PandreoSage, High Priest, or Martial Master
PanetteBerserker or Hero
RosadoWyvern Knight or Wolf Knight
SaphirWarrior or Berserker
VanderPaladin, Great Knight, or General
VeyleFell Child
YunakaWolf Knight
ZelkovWolf Knight