The best Druid build in Diablo 4

Unleash the natural powers of the Druid.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Druid is one of the classes you can choose to play in Diablo 4, and how you play this character will vary on your playstyle. When playing as a Druid, you’ll have the power of Nature, capable of becoming a Werewolf, a Werebear, or unleashing the powers of the Storm and the Earth against your enemies. With the arrival of the Diablo 4 beta, although not everything is available, you can test your preferred powers before the game releases. Here’s what you need to know about the best Druid build in Diablo 4.

How should you build a Druid in Diablo 4?

When exploring the Diablo 4 skill tree for the Druid, there are multiple routes you’ll have to pick from. Your build will vary depending on how you want to use your character, and you do want to double down on whatever route you like; it’s never a good idea to place your skill points in every ability. There are a handful of ways to play your Druid, from a heavy melee character to a ranged combatant that relies on magic.

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These are a handful of choices you can make while playing as a Druid and the builds you can craft.

Best magical ranged build for Druid

The ranged magical Druid can pick between using Earth or Storm magic. Your primary skills will have you using powerful magic from afar, defending allies, and unleashing multiple AoE attacks throughout an encounter. Your Earth magic has a good chance of debilitating enemies, preventing them from attacking for a few seconds, while your Storm magic will land heavy debuffs on targets, making it easier for your allies to target and deal damage against them.

This is the build you want to go with if you’re going down the Earth magic route for Druid.

  • Basic Attack: Earth Spike, Enhanced Earth Spike, and then Wild Earth Spike
  • Core attack: Landslide, Enhanced Landslide, and then Primal Landslide
  • Defensive skill: Earthern Bulwark, Enhanced Earthern Bulwark, and then Innate Earthern Bulwark
  • Companion skill: Vine Creeper, Enhanced Vine Creeper, and then Ferocious Vine Creeper
  • Wrath skill: Boulder, Enhanced Boulder, and then Savage Boulder
  • Ultimate: Petrify

This is the build you want to use if you’re going down the Storm magic path for Druid.

  • Basic Attack: Wind Shear, Enhanced Wind Shear, and then Wild Wind Shear
  • Core attack: Tornado, Enhanced Tornado, and then Primal Tornado
  • Defensive skill: Cyclone Armor, Enhanced Cyclone Armor, and then Preserving Cyclone Armor
  • Companion skill: Vine Creeper, Enhanced Vine Creeper, and then Brutal Vine Vine Creeper
  • Wrath skill: Hurricane, Enhanced Hurricane, and then Natural Hurricane
  • Ultimate: Cataclysm
Image via Blizzard

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Best melee build for Druid

When creating a Melee build for Druid, one of the better options for those who want to survive several attacks focuses on you using the Werebear form. While in the Werebear form, you’ll deal a decent amount of damage, but you should be able to take several hits from opponents, meaning you can reasonably remain on the frontline to deal unrelenting damage to foes. If you’d rather focus on damage, the Werewolf form is also an option, but the Werewolf form doesn’t have as many defenses, meaning you’ll be relying on purely attacking opponents.

These are the primary skills you want to pick up for those who prefer the more robust Werebear form.

  • Basic Attack: Maul, Enhanced Maul, and Wild Maul
  • Core attack: Pulverize, Enhanced Pulverize, and Primal Pulverize
  • Defensive skill: Debilitating Roar, Enhanced Debilitating Roar, and then Preserving Debilitating Roar
  • Companion skill: Ravens, Enhanced Ravens, and then Brutal Ravens
  • Wrath skill: Trample, Enhanced Trample, into Natural Trample
  • Ultimate: Grizzly Rage

These are the primary choices you want to make if you’d prefer to go with the Werewolf form.

  • Basic attack: Claw, Enhanced Claw, and then Fierce Claw
  • Core attack: Shrew, Enhanced Shrew, and then Raging Shred
  • Defensive skill: Blood Howl, Enhanced Blood Howl, and then Preserving Blood Howl
  • Companion skill: Wolves, Enhanced Wolf Pack, and then Ferocious Wolf Pack
  • Wrath skill: Rabies, Enhanced Rabies, and then Savage Rabies
  • Ultimate: Lacerate