The best ESO public dungeons to farm for items and gold

Look for the best time-to-gold ratios.

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In Elder Scrolls Online, Public Dungeons are some of the first PVE group content that the players will be dipping their toes into. They represent an in-between point of progression from Delves and towards Group Dungeons. But with that said, Public Dungeons also represent an excellent opportunity for farming. More specifically, for farming gold, mats, and items, which you can then also sell for gold. Their nature of being re-farmable by clearing mobs in a pattern makes them great gold farming grounds.

What are Public Dungeons in Elder Scrolls Online

The main difference between Public Dungeons and Group Dungeons is that they are non-instanced areas, which means you can access them anytime. The ‘Public’ part means that you will share the instance shard with other players in the world, whether or not you’re in a group together. That means you might get some unexpected help, but also that the whole area is a free-for-all of sorts. All Public Dungeons contain a ‘group challenge’ that can net you a Skill Point, a Skyshard, and their own Quests and Achievements.

The best Public Dungeons to farm in Elder Scrolls Online

Crimson Cove (Malabal Tor)

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This Public Dungeon has some of the best mob density-to-gold ratio. The pirates inside the Cove count as Imperial, meaning that mob-for-mob drops more gold, and with how many mobs there are in this dungeon, you can earn quite a lot with just a few clears. Although not huge on sets and items, the Spinner’s Garments gear that drops in here can also earn you a nice extra.

Forgotten Crypts (Deshaan)

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This Public Dungeon is pretty easy to get to, especially if you’re in the Ebonheart Pact. It’s a comparatively small dungeon, but with a lovely density of mobs to farm for gold. That makes each run a pretty quick one, and the layout is great for repeated farming runs. But the biggest draw to farm this particular dungeon is the Mother’s Sorrow Inferno stave drops, which you can sell for a good profit if you can get them.

Forgotten Wastes (Vvardenfell)

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Though the layout of this Public Dungeon can seem daunting at first, it becomes much quicker to farm when you get used to it. It used to be much more profitable before Morrowing became a free DLC, but it’s still worth farming for gold and some of the rare drops. For instance, items like War Maiden’s Inferno staves or the extremely rare Sixth House Banner furniture items.

Old Orsinium (Wrtohgar)

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Old Orsinium is a fairly large Public Dungeon, but it’s dense with mobs, especially all sorts of beasts and spiders. This will make farming both mats and gold a worthwhile endeavor in this dungeon. But to top it all off, there are the highly coveted Briarheart weapons that you can get to drop while farming Old Orsinium, which sell for a decent chunk of gold.

Obsidian Scar (Rivenspire)

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This Public Dungeon has an excellent layout for farming, making repeated runs a breeze. It’s also mid-sized and with a good mob density, which are all good qualities to look for in a farming spot. The mobs come in several varieties, which means there will be a nice variance of mats to farm. And as a bonus, this dungeon drops Necropotence weapons, which can also be sold for lots of gold.

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Razak’s Wheel (Bangkorai)

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This Dwemer ruin is overrun with Imperials, which for gold farmers means that it’s loaded with easy gold. Remember that Imperial mobs drop more gold than others. There are only a few blind spots in its layout, making it a very repeatable farm too. And as for useful items, this dungeon is home to Spriggan’s Thorns weapons, all of which are good styles to sell for more gold.

Spire of the Crimson Coin (High Isle)

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These atmospheric Breton ruins are among the most recent additions to the game and have already earned a good reputation among gold farmers. The layout is not the best if you do the whole thing, but if you farm along the outer circle of the dungeon, you can make very good and profitable progress. Plus, being part of the new High Isle expansion means that almost all drops from it can fetch a decent price on the Trade Guild market.

The Vile Manse (Reaper’s March)

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Veteran ESO players will recognize this Public Dungeon as one of the OG gold farming spots. We’re happy to report that Vile Manse is as farmable as it’s always been. The items might not be as sought after as before, but the mats from them still are. But for sheer gold per time invested, it’s still among the best farming Public Dungeons that you can go to, especially early on.