The 10 best favorite Pokémon pickers

Build your ultimate list with the best tools.

Blastoise and Charizard from the Pokemon Red & Blue cover art

Image via Nintendo

With nine generations of games, a TV series that’s gone on for years, and too many movies to name, Pokémon has grown into a colossal brand. There are more Pokémon out there than most people can name, making it hard to differentiate which ones you like the look of and which ones are your favorites. This guide outlines the 10 best favorite Pokémon pickers you can use to give yourself a detailed list of your favorites, a team to use, randomized Pokémon, or just a set of types, so you don’t need an encyclopedia for each generation to hand.

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The best favorite Pokémon pickers you can use to build your list

We’ve listed the 10 best favorite Pokémon pickers below in no particular order. Read each entry to decide which one is right for you, and then use it.

1) Ultimate Favorite Pokémon Picker

Screenshot by Gamepur

Ultimate Favorite Pokémon Picker is one of the hottest Pokémon pickers around at the time of writing. It gives you grids for each elemental type and asks you to choose a single Pokémon in squares that represent each generation of Pokémon game. It’s far from perfect, preventing you from making certain choices that might see you double up or miss out on one of your all-time favorites. However, it’s very comprehensive, even packing in the very latest Pokémon from Scalet and Violet updates, such as Walking Wake and Iron Leaves.

2) Dragonfly Cave

Screenshot by Gamepur

We found that Dragonfly Cave was much more of what we expected from a Pokémon picker. It presents you with a selection of Pokémon to choose your favorites from. Once you’re done, you hit the Pick button and do it all again. Eventually, the application will start to detect patterns and pull together a list of your favorites based on the choices you’re making. It’s a bit smarter than making choices on a grid, but could also get things wrong if it makes a leap based on a previous choice. One feature we really like is that you can export your list so you can view it in a spreadsheet and pull all sorts of data from it.

3) Favorite Pokémon – Pick Your Own!

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you like the grid-based Pokémon pickers, then you’ll love Favorite Pokémon – Pick Your Own! because that’s all there is. This Pokémon picker is very basic but uses an interface that’s easy to understand from the first click. You pick which generations you want to choose Pokémon from, start picking, and eventually, you’ll get your list. You can’t export this list to mess with the data and make assumptions about your choices in Pokémon, but you can use it to pick your nine favorites from across a wide array of Pokémon.

4) Pokémon Team Planner

Screenshot by Gamepur

Most Pokémon pickers use choices to help you figure out which ones are your favorites. While Pokémon Team Planner can do that as well, it also has a feature that allows you to randomize your team for a bit of fun. We love this Pokémon picker because of the aforementioned randomizer element, plus the stats it provides on your team. This is the perfect way to come up with a team for a challenge run or when trying to mix up a stream for your viewers. You can break the Pokémon down by generation, so there’s a lot of flexibility with the choices you can make.

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5) Random Pokémon Generator

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you don’t want to put any effort into building a team of Pokémon at all, then Random Pokémon Generator is the application for you. Once you’ve tweaked the options for how many Pokémon your want, the regions, and the types, you can hit the Generate button endlessly until you see a team you like. As with many of the other Pokémon pickers in this list, this is a good website to use if you want to pick a fun team for a challenge, such as battling as many opponents online as you can until you’re defeated or as something to work toward in your next playthrough of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

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6) Pokémon Fusion Generator

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re after something a bit wilder than your average Pokémon picker, then Pokémon Fusion Generator is exactly what you need. We turn to it when we need something to make us laugh, and it’s never failed yet. This application makes mutant combinations of Pokémon based on two Pokémon you choose or a random selection. Some of the monstrosities we’ve seen will always haunt our dreams like this Chansear. The application is no good for making real choices you can carry into a game, but it’s great inspiration if you’re trying to come up with your own Pokémon or think of how they might evolve in new regions.

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7) Pokémon Type Generator

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sometimes, you just want someone else to make a decision as to what type of Pokémon you’re going to specialize in. That’s where Pokémon Type Generator comes in handy. It doesn’t tell you what Pokémon you should catch and run with. It just gives you a type or combination of types to work around. This means you can make a team or deck built around those types or one that directly combats the types chosen, giving you the freedom to take the lead in the specialization yourself.

8) Text to Pokémon

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is another Pokémon picker for those who don’t necessarily want to see real Pokémon popping up. Text to Pokémon takes your text prompt and transforms it into an image that looks like it’s from a Pokémon game. We believe it uses some form of AI to do this, but we’re not certain of the exact process. The end images take inspiration from first generation Pokémon games where all the artwork was hand-drawn, making for some very interesting Pokémon at the end of your time with it.

9) Pokémon Community survey results

Pokemon animated sereis new trainer
Image Via The Pokémon Company

The Reddit Pokémon Community held a poll for over 50,000 users to have their say as to what their favorite Pokémon were. If you don’t want to make any decisions as to what your favorite Pokémon are, you can just look at what’s been said in this survey and make choices based on the most popular Pokémon. You could even build a team from the top-voted Pokémon for each type or find another way to create an interesting team dynamic. There’s definitely potential for a most-hated Pokémon challenge run in these results as well.

10) Pro Profs Pokémon picker

Screenshot by Gamepur

If you’re looking for a Pokémon picker that gives you a single Pokémon answer, then Pro Profs Pokémon picker isn’t a bad choice. It’s a simple quiz that assigns you a Pokémon based on your answers to ten questions. It’s a little bit of fun to try out with your friends to see what answers you get. However, this quiz definitely isn’t comprehensive enough to give you the choice of any Pokémon from throughout all nine generations. There’s a set number of Pokémon you can get, so it’s not a great Pokémon picker in that sense. If you’ve got limited time and just want to have some fun with your friends, though, this is perfect.

What is a Pokémon picker?

A Pokémon picker is an online application that presents you with a series of choices. Each choice is between two, three, or more Pokémon, and you need to pick the one that is your favorite from the available options. Some Pokémon pickers, however, are slightly different, allowing you to pick Pokémon using words or generate them using images. The type you use depends on what you’re looking to get out of your choices, whether it’s purely for fun or for actual use in a Pokémon game.

When using traditional Pokémon pickers, you’ll make choices dozens of times until the application starts to put together a list of your favorites based on your choices. Some Pokémon pickers can also see what you’re picking and make suggestions for Pokémon you may like, but you can always surprise it and choose something else. The list you end up with as a result can be used to check with Pokémon you like the most, so you can build a team with them in any game, the card game, or use them as hypothetical answers with your friends.