How to Build Fish Ponds in Stardew Valley

Add fish ponds to your Stardew Valley farm.

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Fish ponds in Stardew Valley are an excellent way to acquire multiple resources from your favorite fish. You can position them anywhere on your farm and place a fish you catch from the wild into one. A fish will have numerous requests you need to complete to grow more, giving you rarer items. In this guide, we’re going to cover how to build a fish pond in Stardew Valley.

How to make a fish pond in Stardew Valley

You will need four components to construct a fish pond on your farm. Here’s a list of those items.

  • 5,000 Gold
  • 200 Stones
  • Five Seaweed
  • Five Gree Algae

The 5,000 Gold and 200 stones should be an easy request. You will need to earn the gold by naturally playing the game, selling your crops, or earning valuable items by diving into the mine. Then, you can bring them back with you to town and sell them there. The 200 stones can be acquired by exploring the mines, or you could have enough stone deposits on your farm for this project. We recommend placing them in a chest and having them at the ready whenever you’re good to build.

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Next are the five Seaweed and five Green Algae. You can find them both by using a fishing pole and retrieving them from a water source. However, you will need to fish at a saltwater source to find the Seaweed, which means going to the beach or fishing off the dock. For the Green Algae, make your way to any fishing ponds or rivers closer to town, as these are freshwater sources.

After you have all four components, make your way to the Carpenter’s shop to the north of town. It will be close to the mine, and you can speak with Robin. She will start building it the day after you submit the order, and it will take her two days to complete it.