How to get eggs in Ravenous Devils

Make your meat more appealing.


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Ravenous Devils is a delectable game about murdering those that come to you for new clothes and cooking them into pies for the pub on the floor below. There are many recipes to try out, most of which require more ingredients than just meat. This guide explains how to get eggs, so you can start mixing up what you put out in the pub.

How to unlock eggs

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You can only get eggs in Ravenous Devils by unlocking them. Before buying the upgrade that adds them to your shop, you’ll need to progress through the game’s story by about a week and then purchase the upgrade that unlocks tomatoes. Once you have tomatoes, you’ll unlock the ability to purchase more greenhouse upgrades, one of which is eggs. This will cost you £10, making it one of the cheaper upgrades you can pick up.

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Eggs will appear in the top left-hand corner of the greenhouse once you’ve unlocked them. They’re laid by pigeons and can only be collected once the meter has filled up. After that, you’ll have to send them down to the kitchen using the dumbwaiter, as you do with everything from the greenhouse. The recipes you unlock once you have eggs will automatically appear in your recipe book, and then you can start using them. The best recipes to cook are the most complex ones that use more ingredients, so try to combine eggs with at least two other ingredients to maximize your profit.