The best healers in Genshin Impact

Physician, heal thyself.

Genshin Impact

Image via miHoYo

Healing in Genshin Impact is a decidedly complex affair. How each healer actually does the job is different, and the vast majority are also capable of putting out plenty of damage. As such, the best healer really boils down to playstyle and using the character correctly.

In this guide, we will run through various healers in Genshin Impact, and help you get the most from them out in the field. This list will be growing over time as we get access to new characters, and even more, are added to the game.


Barbara has the Let the Show Begin ability that will give her multiple methods of healing. She can heal with her normal attacks, charged attacks, and general passive healing at regular intervals. This all scales on Barbara’s maximum health, so you want to build as much health on her as possible. She also has the Shining Miracle ability, which once again heals all party memebers based on her maximum HP.


Kokomi is a Hydro healer, and her healing will scale off her own maximum health. She can also heal with both her Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst, allowing for a high healing output. She is essential Super Barbara and will be a valuable replacement for anyone who has put all their eggs in that particular basket.


Fan-favorite Qiqi is capable of doing huge damage, but long cooldowns keep her out of the top DPS list for us. Qiqi heals by attacking enemies, and her Herald of Frost passive means that she will heal all party members based on the strength of those attacks. The more attack damage she does, the more healing she will give to other party members. She can also use her Fortune-Preserving Talisman to mark enemies, then you can switch characters and attack, healing the attacking character. It is a potent combination and allows Qiqi to easily keep all other characters in the party alive and well.


Jean is another character that can heal the party via her own attacks. The Wind Companion passive gives her normal attacks a 50% chance to heal the entire party for 15% of the damage she does, so once again it pays off to build high attack damage with Jean. You can also use Dandelion Breeze which causes an instant heal for the entire party based on her attack stat.


Noelle can provide similar full-party healing thanks to her Breastplate ability. This will cause a Geo shield to form around her, and while it is active her attacks can cause healing for the entire party, and this will scale based on her defensive stat. This puts Noelle in an interesting place as you can either build her attack stats for large-scale group damage, or her defense stats for decent healing. It is also likely that just about everyone will have Noelle, making her a valuable addition to the list. If you can get Noelle to C6, then she becomes ridiculously powerful.