The best Jean build in Genshin Impact

Focused aggression.

Genshin Impact

Jean, the acting leader of the Knights of Favonious, is a powerful option for anyone looking for damage, or healing. Her damage output can be so impressive that we prefer to use her as a secondary healer in parties. This works surprisingly well as the healing will scale based on her ATK stat. She also servers as a strong source of Anemo damage if you missing out on Venti.


For Jean, the best sword is the 5 Star Quila Favonia that can be obtained from Wishes. This is easily the best sword in the game, providing 20 to 40% increased attack damage. The sword itself will even provide healing when you take damage, and deal AOE damage to enemies. It is a powerful combination.

If the Quila Favonia is proving to be elusive, then the Fillet Blade is a worthy option until then. This 3 Star blade can be gotten from chests, so is easy to find and refine. It will deal large attack damage to single enemies, boosting her healing ticks that are damage based.


For Artifacts, you have a couple of options. You can go with the Noblesse Oblige set, gaining a large boost to Elemental Burst damage, and all party members ATK stats, or you can go with the Gladiator’s Finale to gain an increase to attack damage and their normal attack damage at four pieces.

A combination of both sets is also viable if you really want to keep your options open for a Jean of all trades build. While most healer characters would use the Maiden Beloved set, you really want that ATK boost from the Noblesse Oblige or Gladiator’s sets.

You can farm the Noblesse Oblige set at the Clear Pool and Mountain Cavern, and you can get the Gladiator Set from Elite Bosses and Weekly Bosses.