The 10 best Minecraft beachside house designs and ideas

Watch the sunrise over the beach from the comfort of a beachside house.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Between fishing to sustain oneself and sailing on major waterways to travel their world faster, Minecraft players have plenty to benefit from when living beside the sea. Should they want to try building their houses on the beach, this guide will provide 10 beachside design ideas to follow in order to build themselves someplace cozy with an ocean view in Minecraft.

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Screengrab via Sv Gravity’s YouTube

A boathouse incorporates both land and sea elements. Start by constructing the foundation of the boathouse in Minecraft using wooden planks. The boathouse can be constructed right on the sand, or you can build a tiny dock or pier to give the impression that it is floating on the water.

Fishing Dock

Screengrab via disruptive builds’ Youtube

A fishing dock would be a great addition to your Minecraft world, especially if you love to fish or enjoy spending time by the water. It can also serve as a functional and practical space for storing boats and fishing equipment.

Mediterranean Villa

Screengrab via Keralis’ YouTube

The list wouldn’t be complete without a classic Mediterranean villa. Use sandstone or white concrete blocks to make the walls, creating the stucco effect. The roof of the villa can be made using clay or terracotta blocks. Finally, add some spruce wood to the structure bringing the much-needed contrast to the overall design.

Modern Beach House

Screengrab via Julious’ YouTube

The modern beach house is a popular design that brings a sleek and contemporary look to your game. Its key feature includes clean lines, large windows, and minimalist details. For the roof, create a flat surface using quartz or iron blocks. You can also add a small rooftop deck or balcony to enjoy the ocean views. Furthermore, add outdoor furniture and potted plants to give the finishing touches.

Open-Air Pavilion

Screenshot by Gamepur

While not exactly a “house” per-se, this structure provides the basics for camping out on the beach, complete with a campfire and wool towels laid out on the sand. The banners draped over the sides of both levels help to block some of the incoming sunlight, functioning somewhat like tents.


Screengrab via MrcreeperGam1ng’s YouTube

Relive your childhood fantasies through this beautiful sandcastle design. It is fairly simple to make, with the majority of the structure requiring sand blocks. Add flags on top of the castle and put some fire torches around to give the finishing touches.

Small Fishing Cabin

Screenshot by Gamepur

This design adheres to practicality, acting mostly as a place to prepare caught fish during the daytime and rest one’s head at night. Structurally speaking, the cabin is very modest, with simple oak plank walls and glass panes supporting a spacious square roof of ascending cobblestone stairs.

The key centerpiece of this cabin is its four-campfire bonfire at the center of the room. Each of these four campfires can cook up to four fish at one time, meaning that productive fishermen can cook over 30 fish per minute in bulk. To help the campfire smoke dissipate, the center of the roof’s atrium has been left open and functions like a chimney, with a lattice of oak fences in place to partially deter incoming rainfall and mob entry.

Surf Shack

Screengrab via TSMC – Minecraft’s YouTube

If you are living on the beachside, it wouldn’t seem right if you miss on some surfing action. Hence, build a surf shack that will naturally be your base and store all the necessary equipment. Since it’s mainly made for keeping all the equipment, it doesn’t have to be fancy and can get away with a minimalistic style.

Tropical Beach Hut

Image via Mia Bloom’s YouTube

Build this beautiful design on the edge of the coast such that it is on top of the water body. Unsurprisingly, the design majorly utilizes wood and features an open-air setup, giving a relaxing and laid-back vibe to your virtual world.

Waterfront Villa

Screenshot by Gamepur

This beachside house — or more accurately, beachside mansion — consists mostly of smooth quartz, with terraced brick stairs constituting its split-level roofs. The large, glass pane bay windows at the front of the house provide great views of the waterfront from within its lofted two-story interior.

Alternatively, players who lack their sea legs may prefer to skip the whole beach business and travel by land instead. If this is the case, they may find value in some path designs.