The best moveset for shadow Drifblim in Pokémon Go

What attacks should you teach this shadowed version of Drifblim?

Image via the Pokémon Company

The shadow version of Drifblim can appear in Pokémon Go, and you can add them to your team if you encounter the shadow Drifloon. Once you have this Pokémon in your collection, you’ll want to consider how to best use it against opponents, and it all comes down to making sure you teach the good moves to use in battle. Here’s what you need to know about the best moveset for shadow Drifblim in Pokémon Go.

The best shadow Drifblim moveset in Pokémon Go

Shadow Drifblim is similar to the original version you can find in Pokémon. It’s a Ghost and Flying-type, making it weak against Dark, Electric, Ghost, Ice, and Rock-type moves. However, it is resistant to Bug, Fighting, Grass, Ground, Normal, and Poison-type attacks. Although it doesn’t have the best defense stat, it makes up for it with a more potent attack stat and even more outstanding stamina, making it difficult to defeat in combat. You primarily want to use it to counter any Fighting, Ground, Grass, or Poison-type Pokémon you encounter in PvP, and it’s important to note that this is not the best Pokémon to use in raids.

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It’s important to note that in Drifblim’s shadow form, it receives a 20% increase to its attack power and a similar decrease in its defense stats. However, because of its hefty stamina, this Pokémon should remain a difficult combatant to defeat in nearly every trainer battle.

These are all the moves that shadow Drifblim can learn.

Fast moves

  • Astonish (Ghost-type) – 5 damage and 3 energy per turn (1.6 damage per turn) – 3 turns
  • Hex (Ghost-type) – 6 damage and 4 energy per turn (2 damage per turn) – 3 turns

You only have two options for picking out Drifblim’s attack. You have Astonish and Hex, both of which are Ghost-type moves. Hex wins out every time between the two of them, as it does higher overall damage and provides Drifblim with more energy every time you use it. If you have a Drifblim with Astonish, we strongly recommend you switch this attack out for Hex.

Charged attacks

  • Icy Wind (Ice-type) – 60 damage and 45 energy (100% chance to lower the opponent’s attack by one rank)
  • Ominous Wind (Ghost-type) – 45 damage and 45 energy (10% chance to increase the user’s attack and defense by one rank)
  • Shadow Ball (Ghost-type) – 100 damage and 55 energy

When selecting Drifblim’s charged attack, you have more variety, but not by much. Of the three options, the best choices will be Icy Wind and Shadow Ball. Icy Wind is a relatively powerful Ice-type move, plus it makes Drifblim effective against Dragon, Flying, Grass, and Ground-type attacks. Plus, it does 60 total damage, compared to Ominous Wind which has the same energy requirements but only does 45 damage. In addition, Icy Wind’s debuff hits every time you use the attack. The second charged attack you should teach Drifblim is Shadow Ball, an all-around ideal Ghost-type attack for PvP battles.

Drifblim can be a risky option, but it has plenty of attack power to use against other Pokémon Go players. The best moveset to teach a shadow Drifblim is the fast move Hex and the charged attacks Icy Wind and Shadow Ball.