The best place to farm Pinecone in Genshin Impact

Take on the squirrels.

Genshin Impact

Pinecone is a resource in Genshin Impact that will grow in the wild in both Mondstadt and Liyue. It can be used in cooking, and more recently is needed for Liben during the Marvelous Mysteries event.

There are quite a few places in the game that make good spots for Pinecone farming, and it’s worth gather up as it will be needed to make Mondstadt Hash Brown, Sauteed Matsutake, and Puppy-Paw Hash Brown. You will need two for each dish.

Sometimes, you may need to farm lots of this resource for a special event in the game. In this instance, you can find some great farming spots marked below.

Qingce Village Bridge in Liyue

Qingce Village Bridge

The bridge in Qingce Village is always covered in Pinecones, as it seems the squirrels like to put them there. You should be able to find between 5 and 10 of them here.

Cape Oath in Mondstadt

To the north of the teleporter on Cape Oath, you can find a lot of pine trees with a near-endless supply of pinecones under them. This is also a great spot to farm Electro Crystals and some Iron Ore, so it is worth visiting regularly.

Stormbearer Mountains in Mondstadt

In the Stormbearer Mountain, to the northwest of the Starfell Lake, you can find plenty of pine cones scattered on the ground beneath the trees.

All three of those areas visited every couple of days should keep you well stocked up on Pinecones.