The best Plunder Pass rewards in Sea of Thieves Season Seven

The best booty to pursue.

Image via Rare/Xbox Game Studios

With a new season in Sea of Thieves comes a new Plunder Pass. Like other games that implement a battle pass system, you can purchase the Plunder Pass to have access to a premium set of items in the game that you unlock by earning Renown Levels in the game. While there is a free tier that you will work towards with your progress, the paid-for items are definitely the headliners here. Here are all of the best items you can get from the Season Seven Plunder Pass in Sea of Thieves.

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The best Plunder Pass items in Sea of Thieves Season Seven

Baleful Bloom Costume

Image via Rare

When you purchase the Season Seven Plunder Pass, you will automatically unlock the first Baleful Bloom Costume. It starts out pretty simple, but as you progress into levels 50 and 90, you get new versions of it that are evolutions of its original starting point.

Beachcomber’s Bounty items

Image via Rare

The Beachcomber’s Bounty ship cosmetics will take the various pieces of your ship and make them look like you built your entire ship by hand while stranded on a tropical island. Included in these items are a new Flag, Capstan, Hull, Wheel, two Sails, two Figureheads, Cannons, and Cannon Flare.

Courage of Captaincy Hat

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Courage of Captaincy items are all available in the free line of the Plunder Pass. There are a couple of items that stand out in this group, but we love the lion hat you get in particular at level 15.

Merrick’s Cutlass

Screenshot by Gamepur

At level 100, Pirate Legends will unlock a new cutlass fashioned after the one used by the late NPC Merrick. This jagged blade looks awesome and is a great reward for the most dedicated players who see through the entire line of the latest Plunder Pass.