The best PP-29 Loadout in Battlefield 2042

Swiss army SMG.

Image via EA

The PP-29 is a classic-looking weapon that is quickly becoming one of the best choices for almost all engagements in Battlefield 2042. It holds 53 rounds, has an excellent fire rate, good range, and a fantastic time to kill. There are minimal downsides to the PP-29, but using the right attachments will help you in certain situations.

We recommend the following attachments:

  • Sight – Fusion Holo / M22 3.5x / UH-1 Smart 1.5x
  • Ammunition – High-Power
  • Underbarrel – Default
  • Barrel – Champion Muzzle Brake
Screenshot by Gamepur

You will be quick to notice that the PP-29 is dominant on the battlefield, often outgunning even long-range assault rifles. It does have a little bit of recoil when engaging at longer distances, but that can quickly be tamed with the Champion Muzzle Brake, which virtually eliminates all vertical recoil. It slightly increases horizontal recoil, but it is hardly noticeable when using the PP-29 in close to medium-range engagements.

While sights are subjective, you will probably want to aim for the clearest sight picture that takes up the least amount of your screen. For most uses, try the Fusion Holo, as it contains a small dot with barely any clutter surrounding it. Be sure to put a long-range sight on your T menu so you can quickly switch to it if you are spotted from afar. Additionally, The UH-1 Smart 1.5x is a fantastic choice for both close and long-range gunfights, and also gives the benefits of showing ammo and range within the scope.

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As for ammunition, the High Power rounds are a no-brainer. These rounds have both a further range stat and a higher damage stat, allowing you to take gunfights that SMGs would usually struggle at. The Subsonic rounds are also available if you want to fight a little more stealthy, but you may notice the slight loss in firepower.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Try paring the PP-29 with the proximity sensor grenade and the ammo crate gadget. The proximity sensor is a throwable that scans all enemies around where it lands and displays them on your minimap, allowing you to push in knowing exactly where your enemy is fighting from. While the PP-29 is equipped with large magazines, you may notice that you’re running out of ammo pretty quickly, so be sure to equip the ammo crate before you deploy.