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The best professions for making gold fast in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Make bank for the bank in Dragonflight.

Players worldwide are diving through the skies in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. From exploring the new lands of the Dragon Isles to searching for long-lost treasures, Dragonflight is a dream come true for many players eager for even more adventure from the tenured title. As with reality, however, it’s easiest to enjoy things when you have an unending fountain of wealth available to fund your ill-planned ventures. Here are the five best professions for making money in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight.

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#5 — Tailoring

Make the cloth gear for those that try not to get hit. It’s a simple life for a tailor, but Dragonflight brings a few new mechanics for all crafters to explore, such as offering additional experience for each first recipe craft. The big money for Tailoring is with Crafting Orders, allowing the fulfillment of bulk orders for a pleasant sum of money. This is the path to riches for the Tailor, although the ability to outfit mages and the like within the guild is always an added benefit.

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Tailors will also come across a few time-gated resources, much like Inscribers. Ultimately, however, there simply isn’t too much utility that a Tailor can offer aside from gear and bulk orders. Focus on first crafts to maximize experience in the new system, and roll through as many orders as possible.

#4 — Leatherworking

A classic pairing to skinning, Leatherworking is an easy fit within World of Warcraft: Dragonflight with, for nothing else, many skinnable creatures that offer leathers within the Dragon Isles. With this, Leatherworking can be leveled up simply throughout the expansion, with a few stops to crafters along the way. The additional bonus of being able to outfit many various classes is a nice boon.

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Outside of the relative ease of crafting leveling, Leatherworking won’t offer too much for players. Focus on fulfilling the Crafting Orders in a capital city, and grind through as many as possible while watching your bank fill with gold. Don’t buy all of your leveling materials from the Auction House — your bank will empty before you start raking in cash.

#3 — Blacksmithing

It’s ostensibly the most classic profession within MMOs. Alts with Jewelcrafting could turn your entire World of Warcraft play into a veritable gold mine. It falls trap to the same issue of Leatherworking and Tailoring, where the impact of your crafting skill won’t constantly be seen, but it’s an undeniable buff for friends and guildmates alike to know a well-versed Blacksmith. Across the Dragon Isles is a heft of new ores to experience, so don’t imagine you can get too far without a means of extracting that ore — a Miner is almost demanded by the profession.

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Once again, Crafting Orders in capital cities will be the ideal gold mine for this profession. Don’t neglect the market; however — there’s always a demand for highest crafted-BiS for weapons and armor alike.

#2 — Jewelcrafting

Jewelcrafters can make the new Draconic Vials, which are a necessary item for other crafters. Aside from that new item, you have the standard array of rings, amulets, and the sort that Jewelcrafters are known for within World of Warcraft. While Jewelcrafting is extremely profitable, it’s also relatively boring. Great riches await those with the patience, however, as Jewelcrafters are able to offer some unique mechanics such as Soul Cages and Soul Inhalers.

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If you’re looking to make the most money with this profession, converting ores into expensive gems and resources is an easy path to riches. Much like Inscription, Crafting Orders will offer you a slew of gold as well for a tidy sum. Watch the market closely, and find the unavailable gems to make a killing with this profession.

#1 — Inscription

Inscription isn’t too big of a rework, for better or worse. This means that it’s still a very reliable gold-maker for players, and the new profession gear will help boost those late-game crafts. Crafting Specializations come into play for Inscribers, with a unique talent tree that is driven by Inscription Knowledge. Inscription Knowledge will come from weeklies along with unique treasure finds. The bad part is that Inscription resources tend to be time-gated, making them a material that should be pondered on best use rather than randomly crafting for levels.

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Herbalism is an ideal companion to Inscription, as players will need to refine herbs into inks via Milling. Don’t neglect special orders, think carefully about the ideal usage of limited materials, and grab herbs when possible. Horde Nightborne characters have the highest passive buff of +5, while Hul’Tiran offers +2 for the Alliance.

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