The best rewards in Apex Legends Season 6 premium Battle Pass

The best of what the Boosted battle pass brings to the table. Should you buy in?

Battle Pass Season 6

Every battle pass in Apex Legends comes with XP boosts, 1000 premium currency, and 1200 crafting metals, but Season 6: Boosted is coming with more types of new cosmetics than ever. The Boosted battle pass is the first to feature the cosmetic type of ‘Holo-Sprays.’

Obviously, not everything on a battle pass is something to write home about, but we’ve handpicked the best season 6 has to offer to make the choice of whether or not to go premium a piece of cake.

Apex Packs

Apex Packs
Image via Respawn

As always, the premium battle pass will double your amount of Apex Packs from 7 to 14, and two of those addition seven will be a higher tier: One epic and one legendary. The rest, per usual, are rare tier, but that’s not to say you won’t still get lucky.

Legend Skins

There is a slew of great new skins for the Legends this season, and we especially have an eye on Bloodhound’s legendary skin. Here are the coveted Legend skins for season 6.

Victory Lap (Rare Bangalore Skin)

Victory Lap
Image via Respawn

Hit and Run (Rare Octane Skin)

Hit and Run
Image via Respawn

Stunt Double (Rare Mirage Skin)

Stunt Double
Image via Respawn

Full Throttle (Legendary Pathfinder Skin)

Full Throttle
Image via Respawn

Road Warrior (Legendary Bloodhound Skin)

Road Warrior
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Holo-Sprays are similar to sprays from other games, only they are vertical free-standing Holograms you can put down on the ground for fun, to mark your territory, or let’s be honest: to gloat. Here are all five holo-sprays on the premium battle pass.

Catch me if you can! (Octane)

Octane spray
Image via Respawn

Slatra and Victory! (Bloodhound)

Bloodhound spray
Image via Respawn

Looking for me? (Wraith)

Wraith spray
Image via Respawn

Bamboozled! (Mirage)

Mirage spray
Image via Respawn

It’s not me. It’s you. (Loba)

Loba spray
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Loadout Rewards

There are also some flashy weapon charms and skins this season, including some nice legendary skins. Here are the ones that caught our eye.

Weapon Charms

best charms
Assets via Respawn
  • Rims
  • Chrome Hound

Weapon Skins

Assets via Respawn
  • Hypersonic G7-Scout (Legendary)
  • Supersonic G7-Scout (Legendary)
  • Rollcage Sentinel (Legendary)
  • Spray Coat Flatline (Rare)
  • Neon Candy RE-45 (Epic)
  • Hot Pursuit Alternator (Rare)

Banner Frames

This season, the banner frames on the battle pass are pretty flashy, and this is the first time we feel they warrant their own section. These frames are all based around cars and neon colors, and they definitely fit their respective legends well. Here are the five best.

Best banner frames
Assets via Respawn
  • Death Tuner (Revenant)
  • On the Prowl (Wraith)
  • Fuel Injected (Octane)
  • Boneyard Bound (Bloodhound)
  • Moonlit Getaway (Loba)

Honorable mention to Pit Lane (Rampart).

Best of the Rest

While there aren’t enough showstopping cosmetics from the other categories on the battle pass for their own sections, here is a collection of the best other various cosmetics.

Best various boosted
Assets via Respawn
  • Controlled Demolition (Bangalore emote)
  • Spiraling Void (Wraith emote)
  • Spray and Sway (Rampart emote)
  • Self-Destruct (Loading screen)
  • Midnight Pint (Loading screen)
  • Rampart (Music Pack, not pictured)

Do you love the addition of Holo-Sprays? Are the legendary skins what you were hoping for? Are you buying into Season: 6 Boosted? The power is in your hands.