The Best Rifles In Resident Evil 4 Remake (& Where To Find Them)

As you get ready for a new playthrough, it’s a good idea to get an idea of the rifles available. Here’s what we think about the choices.

Image via Resident Evil Wiki

Rifles are extremely valuable when making your way through the corrupted Spanish village in Resident Evil 4 Remake. They can be used for many things, from sniping at long distances to shooting specific limbs and body parts. There aren’t many options available, but the ones that are can be used in numerous different ways.

The CQBR Assault Rilfe, Stingray, and SR M1903 are your choice of weapons in this category. In this case, we’ll rank them amongst themselves and spill the beans on their location in Resident Evil 4 Remake.

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3. CQBR Assault Rifle

Image via Resident Evil Wiki

The only assault rifle in the game, the CQBR Assault Rifle, is straight out of a Call of Duty game and transplanted into the Resident Evil world. The only problem in this case is the fact that the ammo in this game is already random, and most of what you’re going to get will likely be spread around to other weapon types. As you may have guessed, a fully automatic weapon is designed to chew through ammo at an accelerated rate, so that may not fare well in the more intense in-game moments. You can find this rifle in the library, in the same room where you found the Bunch of Keys with Ashley. After regaining control of Leon in Chapter 10, go to that same room and open the lock by solving a cubic device puzzle.

2. SR M1903

Screenshot by Gamepur

The SR M1903 is the very first rifle you’ll come across in the game. It’s pretty basic but powerful; in fact, it easily has the best damage among its brethren. On the flip side, it’s really difficult to use with and without the scope, so its usefulness tails off towards the end of the game. With that said, it can be found early in the game via the merchant in Chapter 2 for 12,000 pesetas, along with a scope for 4,000 pesetas.

1. Stingray

Screenshot by Gamepur

At a glance, the Stingray looks like a cross between a traditional rifle and an automatic rifle. In this case, it’s about accuracy, as the game does a good job of marrying the two concepts together to make this semi-automatic masterpiece into a death machine. As an extra perk, you can attach scopes to it in order to target certain weak points on enemies, just like the SR M1903. You can buy this weapon from the merchant in Chapter 7 for 30,000 pesetas.