The best sailors and crew for your ship in Lost Ark

Sail faster and smoother with the best possible crew tending to your ship.

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As they explore more of Arkesia, Lost Ark players can gather and hire new and more productive crew members to keep their personal ships in good order, sailing faster and performing better in certain types of seas. The later an adventurer gets into their journeys, and the more places they have managed to visit, the better their crews can become with new additions to its members. The sailors included in this list, while each considerably difficult to hire, will each prove extremely valuable in different situations on the open waters.


At home on Ghost Ships, particularly Eibern’s Wound, Berald proves particularly effective on cold snap seas, tempest seas, and dead waters. It makes him an ideal crewmate to have onboard when sailing between the western continents of Feiton, Rohendel, Punika, and Yorn. While having Berald active aboard Eibern’s Wound, the player will also be granted increased stats while exploring other ghost ships. One major downside to Berald’s recruitment, however, is his poor performance when sailing through kelp beds, making him less than ideal for traversing eastern seas.

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Having initially helped the player recover their first ship after it was stolen by pirates in Croconys Seashore of East Luterra, the benevolent pirate captain Blackfang can eventually rejoin the player’s crew aboard an Astray. After completing her personal side-quest series, the player can progress through her rapport rewards, earning her Crew Application Form upon reaching a trusted relationship in the process. Geared well toward kelp beds, sandstorm seas, and siren seas, Blackfang’s passive effect can increase the rate at which the player’s Fast Sailing energy regenerates.


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The charismatic and smug lord of Wavestrand Port can, after having grown close to him, be recruited to sail with the player aboard their Estoque. Cals offers a very balanced statistical performance to the also very balanced Estoque, providing considerable upside on tempest, cold snap, and siren seas. Much like Blackfang, Cals’ Crew Application Form can be earned at a trusted level of rapport, though keep in mind that progressing through his rapport interaction requires that the player have very high Virtue stats.